For both marketers and small businesses, Hubspot serves as a tremendous resource for creating a robust content marketing program. And if you tie your marketing efforts to their CRM platform, you’ve got a powerful recipe for success. But there’s something more we can learn from Hubspot than from just downloading their content marketing or using their CRM. We can learn how to share our own content marketing in a way that converts leads into clients.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Create content your market needs and wants, and tie it to a pain point.

When is the most popular time for consumers to be online searching for solutions to their challenges?

Hint: it’s not a time of day.

Consumers search most often when they are facing an imminent situation – something bad is about to happen. The really genius marketing tactics alert a consumer to something that is likely to happen or is already happening, and they didn’t even know it.

Here is a perfect example. A post from Hubspot recently appeared in my LinkedIn news feed. It’s content was beyond relevant to my business situation.

In my case, we provide monthly marketing reports to our clients. Our team is always on guard to make sure the metrics we report are relevant and useful for our clients and our efforts are helping clients meet their business goals. So when one of the leading content marketing companies in the world shared a marketing report template in my news feed, it more than piqued my interest. The content is so powerful, it really doesn’t need a call-to-action. Here’s a look at all they did right with this post.

  • Post Text: Hubspot appeals to an important issue in my industry. The ‘pain point’ is that only a low percentage of marketers get the data they need to ensure their marketing is working. Our marketing better be working if we want to keep our clients.
  • They Offer Really Helpful Content: Templates are in an elite content marketing category. They are a form of very high-performing content. Talk about making your target audience’s life easier. They will thank you and quickly trust you.
  • Content To Grow Market Share: If only 22% of marketers are using data-driven metrics, this information provides a way for other marketers to stand out. When sharing important content like Hubspot is doing, point out the value of the content using statistics or outcomes.

2. Get the data you need to build a relationship.

If you are asking your audience to subscribe to your blog or sign up for your newsletter, you haven’t established a strong relationship with them yet. You are really at the introductions phase. In these cases, you will gain more conversions if you ask only for their first name (so you can personalize your emails to them) and their email address. Once your reader subscribes, it’s your job to share content that helps build a stronger relationship. Read How To Create Opt-in Forms That Work.

Sharing content like the valuable template above is a way to quickly build trust with the audience. The Hubspot content shows it’s value and can be tied to a challenge the reader is facing today. By reading the post text and looking at the image supporting the text, we see the value of the content, and therefore we are likely to give up more information to get our hands on this content.

3. Share your Value Proposition all along the way.

Hubspot first asks for the minimum amount of information, but once you enter this information, it sends you to a form with a few more fields. In the first opt-in form, notice Hubspot shares their company’s value proposition right next to their logo – attract visitors, convert leads, close customers – just in case you didn’t know how much they can help you.

Scroll a little farther and you see precisely how this particular content can help you – makes life easier and your reporting faster.

Hubspot Download Strategy

Once you start entering your information, the form automatically takes you to a longer form, and asks for more information. In case you are hesitant to provide the information, Hubspot tells you why you should – 35,000 other marketers are already using this report – don’t be left out.

4. Ask for information that leads to more helpful content.

In your longer opt-in forms, ask for information that will help you help your future client. In the image above, you see Hubspot asks for a few additional pieces of information. The most important being ‘what’s your greatest challenge’. By asking this question, they can tailor future content to help their client overcome the challenge.

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