Today, we are spending significant time, money, and resources creating and curating content, but once the content goes live, it’s promoted for a short time. It subsequently gets some great traffic and downloads, but eventually, it dies down. Then the cycle repeats and more content is created.

How to Create Content for a Damn Good Marketing Automation Program by @amandalnelson

It’s time to change the cycle.

There is a huge opportunity to extend the life of your existing content to a targeted audience. In fact, you have a ton of data about this audience, so the content can be more targeted than ever before. This is content creation for marketing automation. Here’s how to get started.

Organize Your Approach

Whether you organize your marketing automation program by phase in the funnel, industry, geo-location, job title, or something else, you need to sync your content accordingly. At RingLead, we organize our marketing automation program by stage in the funnel, so we have content for top, middle, and bottom of funnel. Top of funnel content may be a blog post or a high level eBook. Middle of funnel includes case studies or product webinars. Bottom of funnel includes demos and free trials.

By organizing your content to meet your marketing automation approach, you’re also organizing and structuring your content overall. For instance, if you organize your marketing automation program by phase in the funnel, you’ll quickly notice the holes and where you’re lacking content. As a content marketer, you can make quick work of filling that void.

Have a Variety of Content

Not only do you need content to fill all the different audience segments and stages in your marketing automation program, but the content format should vary as well. Mix in blog posts, eBooks, webinars, infographics, Slideshare presentations, videos, etc. Your audience reads and digests content in different ways, so even if the context is similar (for example, turning an eBook into a video), you have a better chance of success by providing the content format that interests your audience.

Constantly Optimize

Gone are the days of launching your email campaign and moving onto the next one.

Gone are the days of launching your email campaign and moving onto the next one. @amandalnelson

The beauty of marketing automation platforms is the ability to see and act on results quickly. With marketing automation, you must nurture the nurture campaign. In other words, on a weekly or even more frequent basis, check your marketing automation results and optimize. If your click-through rate is down, try a new headline or swap in a new piece of content. If open rate is high, follow that format for the next email. Hone in on what works and continue to try new things. As long as it’s targeted, relevant, valuable content for your audience, they’ll appreciate it.

Once you’ve tried and tested this and learned what works, start blogging and tell your story. Social media expert, Dave Thomas, always told me to blog about successes as a way to educate others. Together, content marketing can make marketing automation look damn good.