save time on video productionWe would like to introduce you to some video marketing tools that if used wisely, will save you time and money. Together, these tools will make it possible for you to produce, edit and distribute a video in less than two hours.

Using screencasting to create your video

A screencast is a digital video recording of computer screen output. Where a ‘screenshot’ is a picture of a computer screen, a ‘screencast’ is a video of a computer screen – showing the changes to the screen over a period of time.

There are a range of other possibilities for using screencasting which include capturing presentations (Powerpoint, Keynote), tutorials and as a training tool.

Software for screencasting

Camtasia and ScreenFlow are two platforms with similar capabilities. Not only do they they allow you to record anything that is on your computer screen, they also allow you to edit and share your video creations. Editing capabilities include the option to intercut your screencast with images, video and presentation slides from other sources. You can also ‘splice’ sections of your screencast and move them around to put them in the order you want.

ScreenFlow allows you record your video, your microphone and computer audio at the same time as capturing what is happening on your screen. This could be useful if you wanted to provide some form of narration to explain what is happening on the screen. In Camtasia, you can record voiceover later with the Voice Narration option.

Sharing your screencast videos

Both Camtasia and ScreenFlow allow you to export your screencast creations into high quality videos that are compatible with PC’s, Macs and mobile phones.

With ScreenFlow, your finished video will be in the form of a QuickTime or Windows Media movie. It will then be ready for your website/blog or you can publish it directly to your VIMEO or YouTube account and share it with the world!

Video: How to Create a Video Using ScreenFlow and Upload to YouTube

Both Camtasia and Screenflow cost $99 for a lifetime license.

Ways to share your videos so that they spread


Anyone can set up an account with YouTube. It is a video sharing site and once you have an account you can start uploading videos. After uploading a video, YouTube will automatically generate a URL for your video which means you can share the link with anyone who you would like to see your video.

Even more fun than a URL is the ‘embed code’ which YouTube also generates of your video. An ‘embed code’ does what it says it does. You can take this piece of code and literally embed your video on your website.

YouTube Embed code & URL

Your Blog/Website

As with any other content that a business produces it is good to have it featured on your own domain as that way YOU will fully benefit from all of the social activity and sharing that occurs, if it does in fact occur. With the video content on your own blog or website you will benefit from popularity in 3 ways:
1. People share your content with their friends which raises awareness of your website
2. People link to your content from their blogs
3. People will sign up to your RSS feed or your email newsletter (yes, you should have both of these).


Oneload is an online video distribution service for anyone who wants to publish their videos to multiple platforms and save time in the process.

Oneload enables you to send your video content to multiple video and social networking sites. Rather than uploading your video one by one to each of your accounts, Oneload will do it all for you.

Oneload is unfortunately not free for businesses to use for promoting their own commercial content but it is free for non commercial use.

See table below of sites that Oneload has partnerships with and can provide analytical information for:

One Load Partner Sites

The cherry on the cake with Oneload is their analytics tool. Video distributed via Oneload will be tracked by the Oneload analytics tool, giving you the ability to evaluate the progress and success of your video. How many times has it been viewed? Where has it been viewed the most? Oneload can tell you the answers to these questions, informing your future video marketing strategy.

More useful ways to share your content


Hootsuite is a social media management tool that allows you to manage your social media conversation on multiple platforms in one place. Currently you can monitor conversations on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. Also, if you pay their high fees for a Platinum account then you can manage Google+ too although i have heard that there are plans to bring this to all of their clients.
Hootsuite can be used to quickly and easily post your video to these social networks with a customised message.


AddThis is designed to help you integrate sharing tools on your existing website. You will have seen websites that have little buttons with the Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon and Reddit buttons to name a few. The presence of these sharing tools on your website will help users on your website to spread your content and drive traffic towards your site. Once you have added the AddThis ‘web widget’ to your website, visitors can easily bookmark an item using a variety of different social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter; this means they are spreading your content for you.

AddThis also provides analytics that will tell you how your audience is interacting with your site. It can tell you what content is causing visitors to share your content on different social networking sites.

Finally and most importantly, for you to distribute your content easily Addthis have a bookmarklet – this is a browser app that you can install on your browser and which sits at the top of your screen (or side or bottom) and allows you to quickly submit web pages to numerous social bookmarking sites like Didd, Reddit, StumbleUpon and Delicious.

These sites can drive large amounts of traffic to your website if your articles get picked up within the community and get shared around.

It is important to spend time getting to know others in the network with similar interests to you and to share their content in return for them supporting you. Remember, these are social networks and as with all social networks, the more you put in, the more you get out.


Shareaholic is another tool that can help you share your content to numerous places quickly and easily. Two clicks to each social network site in fact! See this short video for a snappy explanation for how to sign up and start sharing:


These tools will enable you to spread your content with speed and efficiency. If you have a great video to share and you cover all of these bases consistently, you can’t go wrong.