Interesting how the look of tuxedos changes over time. The same is true when it comes to the look of different marketing methods. Take SEO and content strategy, for example. Jason DeMers argues that content strategy is the “new SEO,” due in large part to how Google ranks sites. Case in point: the more outside links (or backlinks) from quality sites that go to your site, the higher your search ranking. A huge component of gaining backlinks is creating content people want to share. This is where a content strategy comes in. You need to understand what kind of content you’re creating and why you’re creating it. Then, you have to take the steps to continuously develop dynamic material for your audience. This isn’t to say you should ignore SEO; instead, try incorporating a content strategy in addition to your keyword strategy.

There are plenty of lists on what goes into a content strategy, and we’d like to do the same here, albeit differently, using elements of a tuxedo to give us visual references for developing a quality strategy. Trust us, it works.

Let’s look at three things that can be part of a tuxedo and how they can relate to a content strategy:


Tie your posts back to previous posts when possible. Make sure each new development to your site ties into—and flows with—the context of your site.


Invest in your market. Keep them in mind each time you plan on creating something new. Understand what they want and do your best to give it to them. Know what questions they’re likely to ask, and do your best to provide the answers. Also, create content that encourages interaction, so you can continue to build relationships with them.

Links (or Cufflinks).

Examine your site’s links. What kind of material are you linking to? Why do you link to it? Try to create the same quality content you have posted links to; make content worth sharing.

Content strategy is quickly growing in popularity among marketers, and it can certainly make a marketing plan look snazzy. Developing a strategy is not easy, it’s not quick, but—like a tuxedo—it can be impressive.

Mixed Digital Asks: Can you think of any other parts of a tuxedo that could relate to a content strategy?

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