One of the fastest-growing and most prevalent ways to attract and convert leads is through interactive marketing. Since BuzzFeed’s successful introduction of interactive quizzes, the model has been seen across industries as a way to connect with potential clients.

And there are statistics to back this new investment. A study by Demand Metric found that interactive content creates conversions 70 percent of the time, while passive content only does so 30 percent of the time. There are many types of interactive content that span across budgets, and it’s important to be engaging with your prospects. Here are a few options for getting started:

Utilize Free Resources

content to convert Visual content in general receives more attention; in fact, 40 percent of people respond better to visuals than plain text. You don’t have to be a graphic designer to make custom images. With sites like Canva, it is simple to create infographics, quizzes, Facebook ads, and more.

There are plenty of other options as well, like video. Eight out of the top 10 most shared Facebook posts feature a video. Polls are another option that allow an easy way for visitors to engage. There are free options, such as Wedgies, to get started. You can track your analytics, interactions, and more through their online interface. Experiment with different types of content to see what works best for your business.

Step Up with Premium Interactivity

Clickable infographics, quizzes and calculators are great for getting prospects involved in your brand. When they are able to physically interact with the content and see results, it encourages a relationship. Take this quiz about Netflix as an example. Dish Insider appeals to an entertainment-focused crowd, where Netflix is a popular topic. The quiz is funny and engaging, drawing people to interact with the website.

This quiz was created with SnapApp, a subscription service starting at $1,500 per month for ten pieces of content. This can be a large chunk of the marketing budget for small teams, but with case studies that show $1.3 million in net new sales pipeline in just 120 days, it is hard to deny that it is an effective system.

Hire a Firm for Visual Storytelling

If the budget is available, there is no more effective method of interactive marketing than having expert designers create your content. There’s a lot to keep in mind when creating a visual story: content, interactivity, design, text and brand cohesiveness, so it’s important to use a professional. Here are some examples of the most effective visual stories currently online.

While individual infographics and polls can boost responsiveness, there is a clear difference between having interactive aspects of a website, and a website being completely interactive. Visual stories draw prospects in during every step of their journey and encourage site involvement. Being able to effectively create a visual story is not an average skill for any marketing team. While the pricing can range in the thousands of dollars, when you really want to make an impact, it is best to reach out to design experts who can guarantee your story delivers its goal.

Visuals have become increasingly more important in digital marketing. From infographics and simple quizzes to entirely interactive websites, there are ways to connect with visitors across all budgets that have proven to increase engagement.