Just because you are very good at what you do doesn’t mean you are good at writing about what you do.

You are an expert in your field.  You are passionate about what you do. But how will you 1) Reach your target customers; 2) Make them understand that you are the best source for the products and/or services they need; and 3) Find the time to write and publish regularly?

According to a 2012 report by Fleishman-Hillard89% percent of consumers use Internet search engines to make purchasing decisions.  Google and other search engines admit that they favor websites or blogs that are regularly updated with new content, and that they check that the content is well-written, grammatically correct with no spelling errors (yes, they can tell).  They also look for relevant keywords when deciding whether a piece of content matches what has been entered in the search box. Finally, they now consider “social signals,” including posts on Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter when considering how high a piece of content is placed in search engine results.

Therefore, a Content Marketing and Social Media Strategy has become a critical part of the overall marketing plan for most businesses.

But it is not always easy to express yourself in writing. writer

Are you writing above your readers’ heads? Or talking down to them? Are you being too modest? Too grandiose?  Are you using words they will understand?  Or is the jargon of your industry slipping in?

While a professional writer may not be as knowledgeable about your business as you are, by interviewing you, researching your industry, looking at your competitors’ websites and reading any collateral materials you already have, a good writer will be able write the type of intelligent copy that will engage your customers.

Here are a few reasons to consider hiring a professional writer to write your website copy, your blog and other social media posts:

  1. In order to be successful, new content must be published regularly.  Will you be able to sustain the momentum when you get busy with other tasks?  Working with a professional will assure that content is published regularly.
  2. Your time is money.  If writing is not something you do every day, it will probably take a little time to organize your thoughts and write them down – probably more time than it will take someone who writes for a living.  Wouldn’t your time be better spent running your company?
  3. Publishing on the Internet requires a specific skill set.  Copy must be written to engage humans AND rank high on search engines.  Key words and other SEO tactics must be considered.
  4. While adding text to websites and blogs has become easier in the last few years using CMS (Content Management Systems) there is still a bit of technical skill required in order for the end result to look professional.
  5. Once content is written, it can be leveraged by adding it to all of your social sites.  Adding further information or discussion questions often increases the visibility and “sharability” of the content, helping give it a wider and more interested audience. Do you have the time or patience to do this?

According to a Custom Content Council survey, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a business that offers custom content and are more likely to buy from that company. In 2012 57% of companies with a blog had acquired a customer from their blog (HubSpot).

Many companies feel they can’t afford to hire a professional writer. However, consider this:  the cost to hire a writer is probably less per month than they have been for a phone book ad. In today’s world, with most people making their buying decisions online and not in the yellow book, it may be that they can’t afford NOT to hire a writer.