Who actually understands the concept of content strategy? Believe me when I say we spent a lot of time trying to define exactly what it is we do for companies who want to take the next step into connecting more closely with their customers to grow their business organically, using word of mouth marketing as the spur.

Content strategy is exactly what we do at Word And Mouth: It’s working with fantastic businesspeople to work out the kind of content that can be easily managed and created, but that generates the greatest level of excitement and happiness among their target audiences.

Break it down!

Let’s be realistic – who do you know that has their head around the idea of being a publisher? Even publishers struggle at publishing, sometimes. And that’s the rub – the world of publishing has changed so much that while everyone can, and should be doing it, few truly understand what it means.

To make it simple, I wrote Sharing Superheroes. That’s a book you’ll be seeing in the next couple of weeks.

Once you realise that the majority of effort involved in publishing impactful content has already been done – in the form of you learning your trade and creating a respected business upon it. The tools and methods involved in publishing are there to help, not to hinder.

What we do at Word And Mouth is to pull all the pieces in this jigsaw together. To help you pull in your knowledge and passion for your business, match these elements with what your customers want and need to know, and deploy content on a consistent basis that is both relevant and invaluable.

It’s a 7-point plan. Let’s:

  1. Discover exactly what makes your business rock
  2. Get to know you, your staff and suppliers, and find out more about your customers
  3. Congratulate the most passionate people in your organisation for being awesome, inspire everyone else to follow their lead
  4. Discuss resources available to you in creating or curating content
  5. Produce a content calendar packed with original ideas and using the platforms that make the most sense to your business to generate greater profits and build stronger customer relationships
  6. Set up daily reminders, hints and tips to make sure you follow The Plan
  7. Meet virtually, monthly, to catch up on developments, cheer victories, and tweak The Plan where needed to get where you want to be, quicker.

This is not a project for the squeamish. It’s a methodical revolution in the way you work with your customers and showcase your incredibleness. It produces amazing results and is, in our minds and those of organisations who have enjoyed this programme in the past, the only way to generate sustainable success for your business and become the most respected and admired company in your entire industry.

That’s what we do. And that’s what we want to do, with you.