Discover why your marketing content should be digestible in a lunchbreak . . .

Our attention span is shrinking – so make your marketing bitesized and irresistible, or be left behind . .

Sorry to break it to you . . .

. . . but we are officially attention deficient.

Our average attention span in 2000 was 12 seconds, Our average attention span in 2013 was 8 seconds. The average attention span of a goldfish 9 seconds.

Because of this embarrassing revelation, providing prospects and clients with ‘snackable’ content – big ideas in a format that’s accessible in a lunchbreak – is vital.

We love video . . . 90%+of internet traffic is video content. But keep your videos short to keep prospects engaged because 2.7 minutes is the average length watched of a single internet video.

What are the options?


Bring your messages to life using an illustrated narrative that is drawn ‘live’ as a whiteboard animation. They’re eye-catching and simple to create. Take a look at these Examples!


The latest darling of social media, allowing users to create short six-second, looped videos. Perfect, then, for creating videos cheaply that can impart a marketing message in a moment. And interestingly Five tweets per second contain a Vine link.

Psst . . .

Don’t forget Instagram’s video feature – it acts on the same principle as Vine’s but its unlooped videos can last up to 15 seconds instead of six. Examples here!

Information can be beautiful

Have a bevy of dry stats, facts and figures that you need to impart without sending your target audience to sleep? Then deploy:


They make your info leap off the screen by presenting key figures in a dynamic visual format where prospects can see your all-important stats at a glance. On average a 12% increase in traffic is experienced by those who deploy infographics.

Presentation needn’t be a pain!

For more in-depth marketing material, guides or white papers, banish static PDFs and replace them with a visually-rich medium instead, such as:


Uberflip allows you to create ‘live’ digital editions of your PDFs that viewers can browse online and interact with via embedded content such as links, videos and more. Check out these Examples!


  • We humans are visual – our brains process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

  • We now have an attention span less than that of a goldfish.

  • Engage with customers using punchy visuals; from bitesized Vines and content-rich infographics, appeal to their eyeballs as well as their brains.

To discover where visually-rich content should be deployed in your marketing strategy, download Oracle Marketing Cloud’s free eGuide: Blueprint of a Modern Marketing campaign