We all know that in the business world, sometimes it’s who you know that matters most. Connections made and relationships nurtured can lead to the next employment opportunity, the next big sale, the great vendor partnership.

Your promotional content works the same way. When writing for your website, you consider things like who your audience is, what they want, what you offer, and what challenges stand in your audience’s way to consuming your content, product or service. But your promotional content – created for earned media campaigns – works the same way.

Influence The Influencers

It’s not enough to promote your business or service on another website or social platform, or create a pattern of SEO links that point back to your site. These efforts are great, and necessary, for diversifying your search portfolio and helping your site become recognized as a leader in what you do or offer, particularly in search space.

But when true traffic and conversion are the goals, those efforts aren’t enough. Sometimes, it’s not even enough to use the same strategies you use to discuss your product or service to your audience on your website. No, when discussing content in a promotional sense, it’s all about who you know – in this case, the influencers of your audience.

Often times the person with the buying decision for your product or service might not be the end user. In these cases, it’s important to understand who this audience’s influencers are, and create a new target user persona or audience profile for discussing your product or service with this new audience. From software to children’s DVDs, the influencer of the audience with the buyer’s decision can’t be ignored.

Your Audience Is Human Too

Toy Train

Consider this scenario: a quiet Sunday at home with the toddler, who is quickly becoming obsessed with trains. A quick audit of existing DVD’s reveals that only one train movie exists in the collection. When said toddler becomes quite persuasive with requests for trains – and after 6 hours of the same DVD, over and over again – the buying decision was made. Favorite train program entered into the search engine; results returned; two new train DVDs, a toy diecast, and a talking book were on their way.

Your customers have their own precocious toddlers chirping in their ears, whether their saying “Daddy, TRAINS!” and handing you the remote, or in an office in tears because the workload is just too much, and projects are falling through the cracks.

Understanding who these audiences are, what they want, what their challenges are in influencing the buyer, and where they look for the answers to those challenges are the keys GREAT promotional content. And, when done right, the same search bump you’d get from a link or a social mention comes along with the genuine promotion of a piece of content that was targeted to the right audience, at the right time, and in the right place.

If content promotion through digital PR is a new concept to you, download our latest earned media case study.