Content promotion or content marketing is about working smarter and not necessarily harder.

Anyone can create content online with a small budget or even free of cost; whether the created content is of any good quality is a different issue.

An average piece of content can become a superhero content when combined with an outstanding marketing strategy. On a similar note, an awesome piece of content may never get read online or shared if the content promotion activities are weak.

Digital marketers understand the value proposition of content marketing and its true potential to bring in leads and clients at a fraction of the traditional marketing costs. In fact, content marketing costs 62% less compared to its traditional counterparts and generates 3 times more leads.

No wonder 90% of organizations use content marketing to their advantage not only for client acquisition but also to reduce their overall marketing costs.

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Value Proposition of Content Promotion

  • Content Marketing Generates Roughly 3 Times as many Leads as Traditional Marketing and Costs 62% Less
  • The Entry Cost to Publishing Online is Very Low for Brands
  • 90% of Organizations Use Content Marketing
  • Marketers on Average Spend Over 25% of their Budget on Content Marketing
  • 91% of B2B Marketers Use Content Marketing
  • 86% of B2C Marketers Use Content Promotion

A to Z for a Brilliant Content Marketer

A –

Submit Your Blog to, you get a “DoFollow” link and also ongoing traffic if your content is good.

B – Bookmark

Bookmark Your Blog Post. Find sites in your industry where experts hang out.

C – Curate

Curate Your Content. You can say this generation is a content curation generation; they like to Scoop & Flip stories.

D – Digg & Delicious

Submit to Digg & Delicious. Not as effective as it used to be but worth adding to your content marketing list and experimenting.

E – Email Your List

Build an email list and maintain a relationship with loyal readers. Recurring traffic comes from your list.

F – Facebook & FB Groups

Taking advantage of the most populated social site Facebook is a no brainer. FB is also the number 1 social media traffic driver.

G – Google & G Communities

Any content promotion checklist without the major social sites is incomplete. When you search for anything in Google, content from anyone in your Google+ circles make it to the top 10 list and this is a powerful way to get noticed even years after your content has been posted.

H – History

Check Your Competitors History. If you are looking for more social reach then check out which influencers have shared your competitors content using tools like BuzzSumo and then reach out to them with better content. You can do the same with checking out competitor’s backlink history.

I – Influencer Marketing

Tap on influencers to multiply your content reach. Influencers can greatly increase your reach and thus save you time.

J – Be a Content Marketing Joe, always keep learning

Content marketing is not set and forget. You have to follow a content promotion checklist and constantly keep updating it. New platforms like Medium will come in and old social sites like MySpace and Friendster may disappear.

K – Content is King and the use of Keywords

Content quality is like ground zero; regardless of the content marketing effort or budget, if your content quality is poor then the results won’t be good. Search engine traffic is one of the best ongoing promotional technique and it starts with keywords.

L – LinkedIn & Groups

Use LinkedIn the professional network. Tap into influencers and groups in LinkedIn to spread your awesome content.

M – Medium

Medium is a content marketing paradise to be used wisely. It’s easy, free of cost and has a built-in audience, thus giving you content creation and promotion all in one place. Find a publication on Medium.

N – News

Use the news headlines and release dates of interesting launches to produce content.

O – Opportunity

Always be on the lookout for content creation ideas and marketing opportunities.

P – Pinterest and Collaborator Boards

Create visually stunning content and pin them. Join group boards where you can collaborate and pin. The more followers a group board has the better.

Q – Quora

Use Quora to showcase your expertise and knowledge.

R – Reddit & Roundups

Find an appropriate subreddit and submit your content. Search for roundups for your topic on Google.

S – StumbleUpon & Syndicated Content

Organic Stumbles can work wonders and bring in viral traffic without much additional effort, unlike other social media sites. You can also syndicate your content to sites like:

T – Twitter

Using Twitter is a must. Use images and hashtags to amplify your content on Twitter.

U – Focus on User Experience (UX)

Content with no experience is more like a newspaper. Anyone can provide great content but not everyone can bundle it with great user experience.

V – Videos, Infographics and SlideShare Presentations

Content Repurposing. Different formats of content can give you more channels for content promotion.

W – Work For It and Help Others Share Awesome Content

It goes without saying content promotion is a give and take business, the moment you stop giving and only keep taking; people will start losing interest so share awesome content from others. Sharing great content can get you new followers and increase engagement.

X – Expand Your Horizon

Don’t just write on one blog; guest blog on industry sites to spread your brand name and content.

Y – Your X Factor

Market your content with flare. What are you good at? How can you use your personality?

Z – Paid Traffic and Leveraging Personal Relationships

OK, I have run out of ideas here. Paid Traffic and Leveraging Personal Relationships come to mind.

Sources for Paid Traffic:

  • Paid Stumbles
  • Sponsored Tweets
  • Facebook Ads
  • Outbrain

In Closing

Everyone knows social media’s potential and contribution to amplifying awesome content but content marketing is so much more that. It goes without saying, not all avenues listed here are going to yield great results for everyone, so you have to trial and see which ones produce the best bang for the buck. This is by no means a comprehensive list but a great starting point and a time saver for anyone cutting their teeth into content marketing and promotion.