Though content marketing strategies should be created to meet the needs of buyers throughout the entire funnel, the three “E’s” (engage, educate and entertain) can serve as a primer for an overall strategy. This approach can help marketers develop a healthy mix of content for the top of the funnel, which is where conversions are born. And, since we all know time is money—for everyone—we could all use quick and exciting content ideas. So, how do marketers create the mix of the content I speak of?

For starters, creating content that engages an audience at the top of the funnel is a non-invasive way to invite prospects to interact with your content. People appreciate when their opinions and feedback are considered. In return, the interaction gives marketers more insight into how others perceive their content and brand. To take it a step further, the feedback can be repurposed into content that “spotlights” the engagement (i.e., putting your potential customers front and center), and it garners even more awareness for your brand.

Beyond interaction, engaging content can easily segue into educational and entertaining content. Buyers search for content because they are in need of something, and if yours is relevant, informative and represents thought leadership, potential prospects are likely to engage (interact and/or share) and come back for more. Providing content with utility shows potential customers that you’re capable of solving their problems, leading to a foundation of brand trust.

Beyond engaging and educating an audience, content marketers always have the opportunity to create entertaining content, because let’s face it, people seek entertainment on a daily basis, even during the busiest of days. Luckily for marketers, there are countless ways to create content that entertains. Visuals such as infographics and videos are great ways to quickly capture the attention of your audience. Our friends at Marketo presented a webinar about content marketing and the need for more visuals, which are often entertaining. Not only can visuals grab attention, they can also be repurposed into whitepapers or case studies further down the funnel. But, more importantly, if you entertain your audience, they will remember your content.

Though this approach is just one of many that can fuel content marketing strategy, developing content that engages, educates and entertains potential prospects can help marketers generate demand and capture leads early on. If you’re still not sold on this primer, take a minute to think about the content you read. My guess is you only read and/or watch something in its entirety if it’s useful to you and/or entertaining. Am I wrong?