Sales vs Marketing

Content is as important as is it has always been. The funny thing is there has always been a divide between Marketing and Sales, but they inherently depend on each other and have to work together. We could spend a lot of time talking about the traditional roles and responsibilities of each area, but let’s just jump right into a very important discussion on social media content. You want your sales people selling and building relationships – not creating content. Your marketing people want their content output and materials used.

There are two action steps:

  1. Marketing (Outsourced or In-House) needs to do a better job creating social content.
  2. Sales needs to use the content provided. Remember when we look at the two below, we are reinforcing the belief that everyone is on the same team and on the same page.

Marketing can create better content by changing the way they create things and have a clearer vision for how it can be used, so let’s call this Social Content Marketing. Here is a good article on content marketing.

Sales is about relationship building. Here is a key point – not just your sales people need to build relationships! Every employee in the company should be focused on building genuine relationships, and here is a great article talking about Interactive Social Content Marketing.

The great news is that there is an easy way to accomplish both of the above at the same time, and it revolves around technology. There are a number of Social Media Management Software providers in the marketplace, but very few can accommodate both sales and marketing at the same time, and we happen to be one of them.

The future of Enterprise Social Media isn’t just the sales and marketing teams – it is the entire organization. Don’t think of it as a “Battle Royal” where everyone is in the ring taking swings at each other. It should and will be more about getting everyone rowing in the same direction and blowing by your competition who is unorganized and going in every direction. Everybody fills the roles and plays a part – think Braveheart.