Mobile devices have changed internet behavior and the way content is consumed. But many content creators have not adapted.

Smartphone and Tablet Usage

According to a recent study of 12 billion hits on web pages, 63% of users in North America used a Smartphone to visit the web pages and 34% used a Tablet.

Daily Activites Smartphone vs Tablet
Photo Credit: Freepik

There is a difference in how people use Smartphones and Tablets.

People prefer to use Tablets rather than Smartphones to read long form content (57% vs 43%) and watch videos or movies (40% vs 30%).

Tablets are considered more of an “at home relaxation device”. They are used more in the evening hours and on the weekend.

This represents an opportunity for content creators and curators to supply content that caters to Tablet users such as:

  • Blog Posts
  • Ebooks
  • Videos
  • Leisure Focused Content

Challenges posed by Smartphones and Tablets

Tablets and Smartphones present challenges. The small screen sizes affect how text and video content are displayed.

Poorly formatted content can be difficult to read and turns people off.

These problems that can be fixed easily.

Text Formatting Problems

  1. Headlines Wrapping over the Body of Text:

Incorrect Headline wrap

2. Illegible Fonts

Fonts are so small they are illegible no matter which way you hold your Smartphone. To read the text you need to enlarge it on your screen.

Portrait Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy s5 Content Display portrait

Landscape Mode on Samsung Galaxy S5

Galaxy s5 Content Display landscape

Video Formatting Problems

When a Video is not sized correctly for the device screen size, black bars appear in different areas:

  1. Letterboxing:

Bars on the Top and Bottom of the screen

Letterboxing video

2. Pillarboxing

Bars on the Left and Right of the screen


3. Windowboxing

Bars on all Four Sides of the screen

Windowboxed Video


Why you will Lose Mobile Users

1. Mobile users will Bounce Off your site or piece of content.

  • Poorly formatted and displayed content is a turn off to mobile users.

2. Mobile Users will Abandon your content if it loads slowly.

  • If your content does not load within 10 seconds mobile users will leave.