Effective communication with customers and audience is a crucial element in order to attract and retain their attention towards your brand at the right time. Since the early days of marketing, one of the primary focus of the business arena is to discover new medium in order to send their message across their wide pool of audience. And as such, T.V, radio and print ads have thrived, and a decade before the turn of the century, dot-coms have also flourished.

In today’s digital age, two major practices have now gained the spotlight not only because it helps companies catch their audience’s attention, but also enables them to establish a stronger relationship with them – the content marketing and public relations.

In summary, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below from CJG Digital Marketing which present to us the differences and the convergences of these two marketing strategies – the content marketing and public relations.

  1. In terms of usage, content marketing is put to use on regular basis; PR often takes place during a special event which can be initiated by the company itself or other parties as well, such as national conventions, fair, etc.
  2. In terms of focus, content marketing focuses on creating interesting, entertaining and useful content that will help its target market to create a more sound purchase decision. PR on the other hand, are often formal and is product or event-specific, rather than consumer-specific.
  3. In terms of cost, content marketing is generally much lower to execute since it can be done as long the company has expertise and knowledge to share with their audience. PR can be quite expensive, especially if the event is big or the target reach and level of influence is high.
  4. In terms of reach, content marketing targets a specific niche, while PR is often far and wide-reaching.
  5. Success in content marketing is usually measured through the number of backlinks, referral traffic, etc., while a successful PR is often characterized by a number of media placements, mention, and impressions.

Check out the infographic below to find out more about content marketing and public relations today.

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing.

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