Twitter-social-media-marketing-weidert-groupAt first blush, Twitter can seem like a tough neighborhood for building relationships. After all, there are more than 200 million users – at least 100 million active – and more than 55 million tweets per day, which is about 640 per second.

With that kind of noise, how is anyone going to pay attention to you, right?!

Well, it’s true the Twittersphere may be noisy, but it also is a great place to build your business relationships with content marketing. Twitter provides ample opportunity to distribute and promote your content, as well as engage your prospects, monitor and increase brand awareness and even keep track of your competitors!

But first, you need to make people pay attention. Of course, the core of any social media marketing effort is to have good content to share. That’s a given. But even the best content can be wasted if you haven’t done the right things to establish your credibility.

Here are 5 things you can do that will help you build a credible presence and improve the results of your Twitter marketing efforts:

Complete your profile

It seems simple enough, but many people don’t ever complete their profile, especially the profile picture or avatar. (How many times have you seen the Twitter default egg?) An incomplete profile is a surefire sign of a spammer, which is not how you build credibility. No one is going to take you seriously if they think you are spamming.

Share the wealth

One of the reasons you are on Twitter is the share and promote your own content. But if that is all you ever share or promote, potential followers will see you as a self-promoting spammer and quickly lose interest. Promoting your own content is fine. However, you probably come across dozens of interesting blogs, websites and other tweets that would also be of interest to your prospects. Share those as well. For additional help with what and how to tweet, see our recent post How to Effectively Tweet for Your Social Media Campaigns.

Learn the language

Each social media channel has its own unique language and syntax. Make sure you keep them straight and follow the etiquette of each. Don’t overuse hashtags and other symbols.

Update often

Think of Twitter as a news ticker. If you can’t provide updated content at least once per day – more is recommended – then it’s never going to work for you. It’s just 140 characters you need to come up with, surely you can do that a couple of times a day? All you need is a good routine and the proper tools.

Engage, engage and engage some more

It’s not enough just to tweet. Working with Twitter is a two-way street. You want to make sure you are having real conversations with your followers and prospects. Don’t use your auto respond, don’t ask for an RT on everything you send. Pay attention to what you send and how others react to it. Followup where necessary and have real conversations. If you provide genuinely useful information, your followers will spread the word.

To learn more about Twitter and other social media tools to help you with your content marketing, check out our free e-book  How to Enhance Your Internet Presence using Social Media.