In the world of online marketing there are so many inspirational characters to follow via the social web that it is hard to keep up with all of their words of wisdom.

But what is it that makes these inspirational characters so, well… inspirational?

In my mind it is the perception of success which is validated by experience and testimonial – the cornerstones of any successful thought leadership campaign.

But these people aren’t superhuman. In fact they are very similar to the very people who follow them. The difference between being inspired and successful is very often simply the act of doing. You can be the best read person in the world but book smarts will only get you so far if you don’t engage the first gear and get moving.

For example, pretty much everyone reading this blog will know that content marketing makes perfect sense for their business. They know they need to invest time and effort into creating engaging content to bolster their blogging efforts, drive social media engagement, generate media interest and build successful email marketing lists. But it is all too easy to find excuses not to start the ball rolling and instead nod sagely as their favored thought leaders attempt in vain to push them down the road to action.

Don’t get me wrong, the act of doing will only get you so far down the road without great content, good products, awesome service, etc., etc. But none of these things will amount to anything without a little doing. It should also be remembered that doing something once and then sitting back and waiting for success is almost as useless as simply doing nothing.

If this blog post has inspired you in anyway – it’s time to start putting that inspiration into action and start doing something today.

Are you going to write a blog, segment an email list, build a campaign or sit back and wait to be inspired a little more? The way you answer this question will undoubtedly tell me just how inspired to be successful you actually are.