What could be more fun than a cage match between content marketing technology vendors? (Seriously, it was actually entertaining). Robert Rose moderated our lunch time session in which every vendor had four minutes to tell the audience about their technologies and then had a chance to share a haiku or a 5-word phrase with the audience. As a content marketer, all of these technologies sounded really useful, so here’s a quick summary.


Kapost helps content producers manage the content production process so they can focus on content, audience, and marketing promotion.

Inbound Writer

This allows writers to focus on what they do best: understanding and creating engaging content.

Divvy HQ

This new program (the beta was launched yesterday) helps marketers plan create and manage content plans with something other than the dreaded spreadsheet. It’s an especially useful tool for agencies who hand off content plans to clients.


Dlvr.it helps content marketers distribute content to both paid and earned media through Facebook, Twitter and more.


Tired of looking for answers only to be bombarded with info? Thoora provides the freshest and most relevant content so you don’t need to dig through thousands (or millions) of search results.

Serv.io Media

If you need content that scales, is optimized for SEO, verified for credibility and ready for publication, check out Serv.io Media.


Outbrain helps you distribute your content by providing personalized recommendations for your content.


Skyword provides brands, agencies and media companies with a turnkey solution for content workflow automation. This includes writer management, content creation/promotion and program management.

Want to hear more from these companies? Here’s a great video from Eric Leslie from OnScene Produtions that shares what exhibitors are getting out of the event.