What Does Content Marketing Help You Achieve?

Content marketing is smart. By creating content on a continuous basis, you can achieve great results. The web is filled with content that is consumed by consumers. It’s also consumed by search engines who read the content to help them determine who, if anyone, should see it.

Look at some of the areas that can be impacted by your content marketing efforts:

SEO – Content drives search engine optimization success. Search engines need to have something to read so they know where to send their traffic. Content gets read and indexed by search engines and this will bring you rankings. Consistent content marketing efforts will lead to consistent flows of website traffic. Content helps you engage your audience.

Engagement – Content gets consumed by people and this creates great opportunities for engagement. There are many different ways to use web content to market to your potential customers. A diverse approach where you share helpful information can help you develop meaningful connections. Those connections can lead to vendor / customer relationships. That engagement can also go viral with word of mouth referrals.

Social Marketing…Build Authority and Trust – Content marketing gives you the opportunity to continually develop a social marketing following. This following can become a bit like an online tribe and the more you leverage it, the more it will continually help you propel your marketing initiatives forward. When people see your existing and established following, they’re more likely to join in and begin following you. Social proof is a powerful thing! The larger the following you obtain the more likely it will be that you’ll get seen by more people. Your following will read and can potentially share the content you share. Search engines also see the size of a following and use this to help them determine how relevant you are to your niche.

The power of content marketing can be big. For that reason it is important that you don’t just throw as much as you can out there and hope something sticks. Develop a good content marketing strategy that will help you build connections that will be symbiotic and profitable.

How do you make sure you succeed at content marketing?

  1. Know your audience so you can appeal to them from a content perspective and so that you can be where they are.
  2. Analyse results. Run A/B tests to see which types of content marketing strategies work best.
  3. Listen to your audience and interact with them. Just like social marketing, content marketing won’t work all that well if it’s all one sided. Make sure you market with valuable and useful content.
  4. Don’t spam! Follow good marketing principles.
  5. Leverage the power of others’ content. Curating great content with permission and / or the proper attribution) for your online audience and sharing it with them can be a part of your success as you’re showing value that goes above and beyond self-serving purposes.