Talking about the benefits of content marketing will just add more of the same that has already been discussed by many expert bloggers. To use content marketing effectively, you need a sound content marketing strategy. Here is a great infographic that highlights the many benefits of content marketing.

All these benefits of content marketing can be yours if you create compelling content. The only problem is that content is not limited to one format anymore. To engage your audience you need to cater to the different information consumption preferences of your audience. People are increasingly hard-pressed for time and do not prefer long texts. Moreover, mobile devices with their small screens do not make reading a pleasure. These changes have caused a change in audience behavior. People want to consume information at lightning speed and with minimum effort.

So before you jump into content marketing, you must evaluate the factors that dictate what content formats to use.

Audience Profile

After all, you are creating all this content for your audience. The first step is to evaluate your audience. For example, a large percentage of your audience use mobile devices to access information. The latest report on cell phone usage in America by Maeve Duggan and Aaron Smith at Pew Research Center states that 63 percent of cell phone users use their mobile device to go online. The report also found that an overwhelmingly large percentage of young adults (85%) used cell phones compared to the 65+ age group (only 22%).

From this it can be deduced that if the young are your audience, you need content formats tailored for mobile devices. You can get similar information about your website audience from Google Analytics and other analytics tools like Quantcast.

Content marketing Demographic

Content Formats

Images and visuals are increasingly preferred over texts. However, images have to be created in the right context and supplemented with text to make them easy to understand. You also need to evaluate your ability to create content. What are you good at? Do you write well or are you more comfortable talking and creating a podcast or a webcast. Understand your strengths and compare them with your audience’s need to find the right mix of what you should create and what you should outsource as part of your content marketing strategy.

Information Type

Your audience profile will also help you determine the type of content you should create for your audience. If your audience is mainly end users, creating content that shows them how to do things will be helpful. For example, if you are a DIY furniture reseller, sharing step-by-step instructions and videos showing how to do things will be useful to your audience. On the other hand, if you sell nutritional supplements, sharing posts that discuss health problems and holistic remedies will attract the right audience for your business.

Content Distribution

Great content is of no use if it is not accessible or cannot be found by your audience. You need to be where your audience is. This could be on platforms like Reddit or content curation boards on platforms like Sharing content on these third party platforms can get you more visibility and also rank your content higher on the search engine results page. Social media networks are, of course, an inalienable part of the current distribution channels. Making your content available on different platforms makes it more accessible to your audience and keeps them informed of any new stuff you create for them.

Evaluate all these factors when formulating your content marketing strategy, and you will have content that is available and desirable for your audience. Do you have a content strategy in place? What are your biggest challenges in creating and implementing one?

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