If you haven’t been living under a rock, by now you must have already heard that content is king, that you can’t do without it, that you should concentrate your marketing efforts on it. And the best thing about content marketing? It is a trick that even the smallest of small businesses can pull off with virtually nonexistent budget – it may be tough but still possible.

1. Write Top-Notch Content

According to Tim Ferriss, anybody can become an expert in a niche topic in four weeks’ time – that is, if by “expert” you mean “one who knows more on the topic than 80% of his readership” and doesn’t suffer from perfectionism. Content needn’t even deal directly with your industry – Anthropologie (an online clothing store) regularly publishes seasonal DIY cocktail recipes in its blog, despite it being completely out of their line. Instead it plays up to the positioning of Anthropologie as a trendy store that is as original about drinks as it is about clothes.

Or you may play directly on your subject matter, like Tortuga Backpacks with their podcast about their products, stories behind them, traveling and suchlike.

2. Be Niche

Speaking about niches, that is what you should be. Without budget, tackling large-scale projects is futile 9 times out of 10. You may have big aspirations, but for now choose the narrowest possible niche and provide useful content for it. You have more chances of attracting followers if you are the only person writing about a limited topic than if you are one in a hundred those writing about something more general.

DoDoCase utilized this strategy to quickly reach 7 figures – they’ve chosen their target audience (iPad users) and marketed to them.

3. Shoot Video How-Tos

Video content is all the rage nowadays, which means that if you can produce interesting, useful and, preferably, sleek-looking instructional videos, they have a good chance of gaining you popularity. There are enough cinematography students around ready to work for quite a humble fee. Learn from Wistia – both directly and as an example – they specialize in short, up-to-the point educational videos that teach audience how to be better at video marketing. Or take Birchbox – a monthly beauty goods subscription service – with their personal grooming videos.

4. Guest Posting

If you don’t have audience, perhaps you should borrow someone else’s? Guest blogging allows you to increase your outreach, find new readers, start potentially useful relationships with other industry specialists and promote your brand name.

Gregory Ciotti from Help Scout marketing team generated over 35,000 qualified subscribers by means of guest posting. Brian Harris, another well-known person in this industry, built a full-fledged business generating over $15,000 a month from a single guest post on OKDork.

Content marketing is probably the only tool available to you even if you have virtually no cash to spare for advertising. And even if your bank account is alright, it is probably a good idea to use some of these tips nonetheless.