Content marketing is at its core about constantly producing fresh, relevant content for your audience. Non-profits can experience numerous scenarios throughout a given year that are great sources for fresh content, and I am going to use some of your local nonprofits as examples of this.

Your local YMCA is all about programming. These programs are what pull the community in as members outside of the obvious gym membership. These programs can include youth soccer and basketball, summer camp, swim lessons, swim teams, and gymnastics classes to name a few. These programs change throughout the year depending on the season. Now each of these various programs aid in pulling in money for the organization and it’s mission to serve other programs in the community such as youth outreach. Now, having stated all of this—each of these programs has a story behind them that should be utilized when drafting fresh content.

Let’s use the Habitat for Humanity program as a more detailed example. Habitat for Humanity takes funds raised from community donations to allow families currently living in unsafe or unhealthy conditions to improve their housing scenarios, along with making it more affordable under their current financial strains. The required fundraising itself, is a great topic for content strategy. Multiple topics to write on can be found in just this—how does Habitat for Humanity function as a whole, success stories from families who have benefited from their improved living conditions, and plans for next year’s campaign are just three to name few.  Make sure to go beyond just scratching the surface. Consider all the different demographics that make up both whom you serve but also who are helping do the serving, i.e. your volunteers, board members, and so forth. The more people you keep in mind while brainstorming for content, the more stories you realize you have to tell.

See since programming is constantly changing from season to season for many local organizations, the content to focus on is also constantly changing. This keeps it FRESH, and that is what is important for capturing and keeping your target audience’s attention. Fresh content allows readers to feel engaged and helps them to see directly how your non-profit is accomplishing its given mission. This content itself can have many elements to it such as photographs of the programs in actions or of those who have been interviewed on the topic. Adding extras such as visuals helps add to the attractiveness of the content your non-profit publishes. The visuals themselves don’t have to just be a current photograph of a volunteer, maybe this volunteer was also enrolled in a YMCA soccer program during their youth. If they still have an old photograph from this experience ask their permission to use it and add some depth to your content.

The main point is that non-profits looking for new ideas in content creation should think about the critical day-to-day functions within their organization such as programming and how these affect or help build the “big picture”. This is what the readers are most interested in seeing in regards to deciding on whether to volunteer, donate, or join. The ideas can become endless, well at least that’s the hope!

What content creation strategies has your non-profit found to be most effective in content marketing?