It used to be that staying in practice was enough to stay in business for many health providers. But, in the new world of online marketing? It’s simply not enough. 

Healthcare providers and practices have never faced more competition than they do now. And the best way to separate yourself from the pack is customized, online content marketing.

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Online content makes an office feel more personal. And in a city of qualified, impersonal health professionals, it’s the qualified personable professional that will get the business. Utilizing a content marketing strategy for a health practice makes sense for two important reasons:

Content Marketing for Attracting New Clients

First, when patients seek a new doctor’s office, they are looking for an office that stands out from the crowd. The most efficient way to stand out is to stand out where they look first: online.

By establishing a professional, friendly social media presence and an active, authoritative blogging rhythm, the first impression you give your clients is one of familiarity and confidence.

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Attracting New Hires with Content Marketing

Second, highly-qualified employee prospects turn first to their personal network and second to their online network. When you seek out and make contact with these prospects online to see if they could be a good fit, your prospect is also assessing your company.

Nothing speaks to job searchers more strongly than a professional presentation that is regularly updated.

Staying up to date on best practices and new medical developments and hiring and retaining excellent staff members is enough of a time commitment, let alone following the news on healthcare updates and billing policies. If you’re struggling for a new approach to generating interest and new leads for your facilities, helping new clients choose your facilities over others in the area, and recruiting highly-specialized talent for your immediate and ongoing hiring needs, look no further than strategic content marketing.


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