I want to give you two simple reasons you should be using content marketing. Ready?

1. It gives people a reason (and an easy way) to “share” you with others.

2. It gives people a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Let me explain…

  • We all want our business to experience the power of “word-of-mouth.”
  • We all want our website to be linked to, and tweeted, and posted on Facebook.
  • We want people to “like” or “+1″ us and our business.

But what current reason do people have to do these things in regards to your business or website?

One of the things people love to do online is to share great information (content) with others. When you create content you give people a reason to share you and your business with others.

What? You don’t have time to create content? You’re not good at writing?

That still shouldn’t stop you.

You can still curate content. You can begin to post excerpts of interesting news, articles and blog posts (with links to the referenced source) on your site.

Creating or curating information will make you more “shareable.”
But that’s not all.

It will keep you on people’s radar. They’ll remember you when they need/want what you sell. Why? Because the great content you post will cause them to keep coming back to you to see what’s new.

It will make you and your business “sticky.”

And those two things are some of the most important keys to success today.

Photo by Lovin Scoopful