Written type of contents such as articles and blog posts are just some of the most popular content formats that many marketers use nowadays. In fact, it is safe to say that they are the ones who are dominating in almost all the websites today. However, writing in-depth written contents daily can be quite exhausting.

That is why it is wise to diversify your content in varying formats in order to sustain the interest of your audience to your website. Since not all your audience are fond of reading text-heavy materials, it is good to invest in some other type of contents such as visual images. Many people find these engaging, in fact, content with relevant images in it gets 94% more views than content without relevant images.

However, curating Instagram-worthy images can take up so much time and might need some extra skills to produce. They may also contain only one subject so you must produce several images just for one article or blog post. In that case, you can still grab the attention of your audience through colorful images called infographics. Not only this type of content is highly engaging, it is also extremely useful for your readers.

Basically, infographics are the combination of written and visual contents. It contains text which is generally fewer than articles but is not dull enough to explain the subject matter effectively. It also uses graphs and icons to highlight the most important words or topics, which makes it easier to understand. Furthermore, infographics are saved as an image file, so it really comes handy for those people who might need the information in the future.

If you want to spice up your content strategy, then infographics might be the best option for you. Below is an infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines which will teach you how to do content marketing with infographics in three easy steps.


Embedded from Digital Marketing Philippines.