Based on search trends, content marketing is on an exponential rise. There are many good reasons for its rise in popularity. But one of the biggest is the application of content marketing for SEO.

The importance of SEO is pretty clear. Studies have shown that traffic from organic search results is generally more profitable than traffic from many other sources (like paid advertising).

This makes sense because a person who lands on a page based on an organic search result is actively seeking an answer, solution and/or products. And an organic result is more “trustworthy” than a paid placement.

Content Marketing for SEO

So where exactly does content marketing fit in to SEO?

Well…kind of everywhere.

Let’s start at the beginning: search engines need something to rank. And that something is content. Without content, there’s no reason for your page to be displayed.

But it goes deeper…

Search engines are increasingly relying on social signals (such as Facebook Shares, Google +1s and Tweets) to rank content. They are in the business of helping you find content. And it only makes sense that if content is getting shared a lot by people, then it must be good.

Well..actually…search engines are in the business of selling ads. But the better their search results the more people they’ll attract to click on the ads. You get the idea…

So providing great content increases your chance of building up more social signals.

Let’s also throw into the pot the increasing importance of individual author authority. Google’s “authorship” should be a factor of increasing importance going forward. So publishing great content will increase your authority, which will in turn help your content be better-ranked.

Of course, simply creating the content and taking a “if you build it they will come” approach won’t get you the best results (if any). You also have to apply the “marketing” part of content marketing. And for that, feel free to check out my Strategic Content Launch Pad guide. :)

Content Marketing for SEO Infographic

I thought the following infographic from Sekari was worth sharing because it provides a pretty good visual representation of how content, social media and SEO all fit together.

It also provides some pointers about how to make your content more “shareable” to ramp up your social signals.

And remember, on-page optimization is important because it helps the search engines know what your content is about (if you want to know how to optimize your content, pick up our Content Optimization Guide).

Content Marketing for SEO