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Creating content that inspires, connects and converts is not an easy task. Even if your product or service is “sexy” it can be tough.

It’s even more challenging if your business is in a highly regulated industry such as healthcare, financial, insurance or government. Also, it could simply be your content is just not sexy and what some would call “boring.” However, those who need and want your services and content likely think it is exciting if you do it right!

In 2018 there is even more pressure on marketers and business leaders in businesses of every size to continuously create content to drive conversation, engagement and sales. The social and digital web is getting noisier and standing out from the crowd is a challenge if you don’t understand the ecosystem, your audience, and how your business can provide the most relevant and unique value possible.

Unfortunately, too many marketers give up on creating exciting, engaging, empowering and entertaining content as they feel their products, services and industry are too “boring.”

Just because your industry is boring and unsexy, it doesn’t mean you also have to be boring!

Before founding our social media, digital marketing and branding training and consulting agency, Marketing Nutz, I spent 15 years in corporate America working in “boring” and regulated industries. I drove numerous highly successful marketing programs humanizing brands, creating content strategies, launching and generating millions of dollars of revenue in the big technology, data center, mortgage, insurance industries. These were industries that many would call boring.

I can remember launching programs with images which highlighted communities and humans long before Facebook was ever a thought. This was during a time that most organizations were still spamming direct mail postcards, catalogs and cold calls via a dialer.

YOU can create amazing content!

Any industry, unsexy, boring or dry, can still create irresistible and exciting content. You just have to get out of your own way and learn the strategies, tactics, tools partnered with the right mindset.

It’s time to stop the madness. You don’t have to go it alone. You just need to learn the strategies and tactics that will help you achieve your goals.