Content marketing for administrative services might be the missing piece you need to complete your online marketing campaign. It can play an important role in generating leads and making you more money. Here, we’ll outline what content marketing is, how it works, how you can use it, and five easy steps to get you started.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is one of the best forms of online marketing for administrative services and business support companies. It involves creating online content that can be easily shared, viewed, and consumed. Different types of content marketing include blog posts, videos, and infographics.

How can your administrative services business use content marketing?

Content marketing for administrative services can do several key things for you. And it all revolves around taking what you know and crafting content that people learn from and want to share.

Establish authority in your industry.

Industry-specific content marketing tells the world that you really know your stuff. Making content that revolves around administrative services lets prospective customers know that they can trust you. Proving your knowledge in this space demonstrates that you are a legitimate administrative services company.

You’ll stand a better chance of your content marketing strategy being seen if you use SEO for administrative services. These tactics help your site rank higher in online searches the more content you produce, which will further establish your authority.

Improve your brand awareness.

As people interact with and share your content, your name gets out there. A simple “did you know…” post about administrative services can circulate online. People will see your name and pair it with the idea of business support services. The result? You’re the first name they think of when they think about administrative services.

Customers are more likely to go with companies that they know and trust, and content marketing can be key in building that trust.

Get more customers.

Customers are going to find your company if you have a lot of well-made content circulating online. When they get connected with you, customers will learn what you do and how you can help them. They have a good chance of going with your company if you have the right answers to their questions.

If you’re posting content somewhere other than your own website — whether on social media or in a guest blog for another site — your content should ideally direct them back to your own professional administrative services website. If you’re posting an informative blog about industry trends on your own site, look for opportunities to link to other pages on your site with more information about specific services you can offer to help. Content can have more than one goal, but it’s always an opportunity to point customers back to your offerings.

Why you need content marketing

Content Marketing for Administrative and Business Support Services includes consistent blog posts

Content marketing for business support services is a low-cost way to get long-term results. Putting together content isn’t a huge feat if you have the right people in your company. If you have company social media accounts, then you’re off to a good start.

It might also mean reaching out to an expert editor, video creator, or writer. Even then, the cost is significantly lower than investing in a large paid ad campaign. Compare the one-time cost of hiring a designer to create a batch of interesting infographics you can share on social media with links back to your site to the ongoing cost of running a pay-per-click ad campaign, and you’ll find developing content is likely less expensive.

5 steps to start using content marketing for administrative services

Content marketing can be as simple or as complex as you like, and it all starts with an idea. These five steps will get you ready to launch a successful content marketing campaign.

1. Come up with content ideas.

The first and most important step is to come up with ideas. Think videos, blogs, and infographics. Do you know something about your industry that would be interesting for the everyday person to learn about? Put together some content and share it.

Brainstorming a long list of ideas is the right place to start. These ideas should be industry-specific bits of knowledge, tips, or information. You want a potential customer to get exposed to your content and want to learn more from you. You don’t have to produce all of the ideas on your list, but you’ll have a launching point to get started.

2. Bring in a professional.

If you don’t know how to write a blog post, record and edit a video, or put together an infographic, that’s fine. That’s not the business you’re in, anyway. There’s nothing wrong with bringing in a professional — in fact, it’s a great idea.

If you don’t know what you’re doing, potential customers will likely see through you pretty quickly, which will ultimately hurt your business. Bring in a professional to develop your content based on your brainstormed ideas. Don’t forget to have them include your brand’s voice and to use the right information.

3. Put your name on your content.

Some companies make the mistake of releasing content that isn’t officially tied to their brand. If you make a shareable infographic, make sure your company’s name and email are on it. As people recirculate your content, viewers won’t know it was your post if your name isn’t clearly marked on the content itself, and they won’t be able to make their way back to you.

If you’re posting blog content, make sure you put it on your website or heavily tag your website. And videos should only be posted on your company’s official YouTube account.

Content Marketing for Administrative and Business Support Services can include videos

Remember that the goal is to attract people to your site. That means that you need to provide a quick and easy way for them to get there: links. Whenever you put out content, there should be a single link, that someone can click on, to bring them to your page.

You might consider different landing pages that are optimized for different pieces of content. An infographic explaining how a virtual assistant can save you money can link to your landing page about rates and pricing. Your website can also link to the content that you put on your social media accounts to help boost the views.

5. Promote your content.

Finally, don’t forget to promote your content. This goes beyond just linking the content through your site. You should send emails to mailing lists, interact with people on social media, and talk to people in your industry.

The more people see your content, the better it will perform. You can also periodically re-post infographics and helpful information through your social media channels. Again, you want to drive people to your site. Promoting your content is a surefire way to do that.

Start content marketing with confidence

After learning all about content marketing for administrative services, you should have a good handle on the process. You should be able to start a content marketing campaign today and begin seeing some interesting results soon. For more insights into online marketing strategies and how to get started, take a look at Constant Contact’s free guide, The Download.