I’m a huge fan of content marketing and how it can help businesses reach out to customers and potential customers alike.

Content marketing is nothing new, but in the last couple of years it has exploded as a way for business to promote their brand, products or services. And it’s not just for small businesses, even the major corporations are now implementing content marketing strategies as part of their overall marketing plan, and most importantantly it’s delivering results.

Businesses, like yours, care about putting out content people want to read rather than just a brochure. Investing in high-quality content written by a professional copywriter that people actually want to read makes good business sense. Even if it’s not directly selling something, its still building relationships and your brand.

Anyway, rather than witter on about how wonderful content marketing is I thought I would share this wonderful infographic with you that was created by BlueGrass Interactive. It shows some surprising stats about content marketing and it’s growth in popularity.

Content Marketing Explosion

Your turn
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