Even the best content is just a clump of words or images if it doesn’t reach its target. To optimize customer viewing and response, marketers need to know how to choose distribution channels that reach their audience right to maximize content’s impact.

But with so many methods available — from traditional direct mail to the latest social media platforms —the choice depends on content strategy overall goals, the nuances of your company and the nature of each individual piece of content.

The Channels:

  • Website — A resource library, blog or similar site space can feature fresh content valued by customers, while boosting search engine rankings and adding to industry influence.
  • Email – A fast, easy and cost-effective way to send full e-newsletters, brief e-bulletins and links directing readers to additional content. 91 percent of consumers check their email daily.
  • Direct mail – A highly targeted, time-tested way to send print newsletters, brochures, postcards and other informational content. 73 percent of consumers say they prefer direct mail for brand communications.
  • Social media – An interactive, conversational way to publish virtually any type of content in a way that gets customers talking. Social media sites and blogs reach 8 out of 10 U.S. Internet users.

How to Choose:

  1. Fit to Purpose

If the goal is to encourage online banking signup or online shopping, then the clickability of email or social media is more fitting than a direct mail postcard. If providing customers with advice about their home loan options, then the educational nature of a print or electronic newsletter may be best. Highly visual content, such as home décor or fashion trends, may be better showcased on video.

2. Be Channel-Smart

What channels do customers use? What channels do they expect you to use? For example: If your target demographic is retirees, you might have more success connecting with them through the mail than on Twitter. If your focus is fashion, Pinterest may be a sound bet.

  1. Gauge Resources

Consider cost, time, manpower and existing campaigns to help determine what channel. For example: Do you have the budget for direct mail postage? Do you have the resources to produce a video for YouTube? Do you have the time to monitor a Facebook account? Do you have any existing blogs that might compete for attention or resources?

  1. Consider Penetration

It’s also a good idea to consider your current market penetration for each channel. For example, if you don’t have many email addresses, it may make sense to send content via direct mail instead.

  1. Re-Purpose and Diversify

Don’t feel as though you’re confined to just one channel per piece of content. Remember that repurposing for different distribution methods can be an excellent way to make your content go further.

Find out more about choosing channels and many other content marketing tips and strategies that build loyalty and boost the bottom line, read CCG’s Guide to Content Marketing.