Are you looking for more ways to increase your traffic and generate leads and sales this year?

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Are you thinking of incorporating content marketing into your business this year?

Whether your answer is Yes or No, you’ve got to read this Content Marketing Case study. It will inspire and encourage you.

Many businesses are already using Content marketing to get traffic, leads and sales. In a report released by Content Marketing Institute and Marketingprofs, it was revealed that 88% of B2B business are already using content marketing.

A good percentage of this number said that it is an effective marketing method.

This is why B2B companies plan to create more content.


Below is a Content Marketing Case study featuring Fisher Tank. The company achieved incredible results. Read on…


Content marketing

Fisher Tank, founded in 1948, is one of the leading full-service welded tank fabricators and constructors in the United States.

Fisher Tank

The company’s services include:

  1. Pre-construction of tanks
  2. Engineering & Design of tanks
  3. Fabrication of tanks
  4. Blasting & Coatings of tanks
  5. Field Construction of tanks
  6. Repairs & Modifications of tanks

They serve industries like ethanol/bio diesel, industrial, municipal, refining, pulp & paper, water & waste treatment, etc.

The problem

Fisher Tank produces highly specialized products that are very expensive. Their sales cycle is long – from 12 months to several years and the projects run into millions of dollars. They get projects by cold calling, word of mouth referrals and repeat customers. They needed a way to grow their business.

The solution

Most specialty manufacturers object to using content marketing because they think “our prospects don’t use the internet to buy this type of product” and “our prospects are not on social media” But not Fisher Tank. An inbound marketing company proposed to help the company attract more qualified leads to their website, convert them to leads with content and nurture them with more related content. The company agreed.

The process

The first step that was taken to help Fisher Tank was to change the website design. The old website looked like this:

Fisher Tank

  1. There were no social media links
  2. No calls to action (to download free resources of interest and value to prospects)
  3. No blog with social sharing abilities
  4. Little or No keyword optimization etc.

Below is the redesigned website:

Content Marketing case study

What was done:

1. The navigation is simplified

2. The website is optimized for search

3. Social media links (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube) were created for the business


4. A blog was included in the website.

Content marketing case study

Contents (expert advice/tips/industry news) are written and posted regularly on the website. They are educative and interesting contents using long tail keywords with rich pictures to get Fisher Tank found on the search engine.

Content marketing case study

5. Free resources that links to a lead generation page

Content Marketing free resources

Lead generation page

Fisher Tank Resources

By creating this type of resources for their visitors, they are creating awareness, letting people know what they do.

6. They created a post round up for their blog at the end of the month;


Creating a blog round up:

  1. Help new visitors find important posts that has been written in the past.
  2. Gives regular visitors a recap and they can comment on old blog posts.
  3. Helps the website’s SEO.
  4. Increases page views

The results

From the solution provided Fisher tanks achieved the following results:


Credit: Weidert Group


Just like Fisher Tank, you can :

  1. Improve your website’s navigation
  2. Add social media channels
  3. Create a blog with educational content that will inform your audience
  4. Create free resources (guides/reports/e-books) to generate leads and sales
  5. Include a blog round up on weekly or monthly basis.

Ideas to spice up your blog roundup

  1. You can do blog roundup at the end of the week if you post often or monthly
  2. You can do blog round up if you wrote a series on your blog. You can use the roundup post style to give your existing and new users a recap
  3. You can share other industry articles from around the internet to further give your audience a rich taste of different articles etc.

What you can achieve using Content Marketing

Below is a chart showing what you can use Content marketing to achieve in your Company/business/Organization.



The above Content Marketing case study shows that content marketing really work. If Fisher tank can do it, then you can. Get in touch with a Content marketer today and boost your website traffic, leads and sales.