Outlined below are tips and advice that I give to clients looking to start writing content marketing articles for their website. This article is the first of a series of articles on how to grow your small business website into a lead generating machine.

Tip 1. Writing your Article.

Short paragraphs are easier for the reader to follow. No one likes to look at a long block of solid text. Three, four or five sentences are usually enough for one paragraph.

Don’t be afraid to spill all the beans! Tell your trade secrets! No, I am not crazy, the more you tell, the more the demand you will create for your goods and services. If you give more information, people will understand that you really are an authority on the subject that you are speaking about.

Give concrete examples and personal experiences to back up your points. Tell how you faced a problem and how you solved it. Emphasize the benefits of your product or service. When it comes to selling, it is the benefits that sell, rather than the features. Sure, you are selling garden supplies, home décor, clothing, gifts and jewelry on your website. These are features. But the benefits are that people can get these items in one place without shopping around, that they can save time and money, etc. The gurus all say that you should constantly mention the benefits that you offer to your potential customer.

Keep your most important information near the beginning of the article and summarize what you want to say at the end. Editors usually cut things near the end, so keep your most important points and ideas in the beginning of the article. At the very end of the article you can summarize what you set out to accomplish in your opening paragraph.

It may sound obvious but I can’t stress enough how important that this one thing is in relation to writing the content of your article. The article must be precisely related to the title you previously chose for the article. If the body of your article is different from the title then website visitors who visit your site based on wanting information in your article title will quickly leave your website and lose trust with you.

Market those articles to online content providers using link building strategies which I will cover in my next articles. Be sure to include your byline at the end of your article, including your name, company name, call to action and website address

Article Writing TipsTip 2. The best time to write articles.

I find it is always best to start writing content with a fresh mind, that is one without any distractions. Turn off your cell phone, don’t have your email open and just dedicate 100% to creating content.

Tip 3. Importance of uniqueness.

No shortcuts, yes you can use other sites for inspiration however you must ensure that content is unique. If content is not unique you will actually be penalized in search results.

More tips, strategies and an easy to follow system for starting a content marketing strategy for your website can be found in my Kindle book, Small Business Search Mastery.