There are a lot of reasons to produce content as a marketing department. Last month we published an entire post dedicated to Content for Link Building.

Today, I want to turn you on to another specific way that marketers can use content to grow the business. Content can be a great tool to use in the lead generation process.


The answer is that there are multiple ways for marketers to use content to help drive new leads for your sales team. The goal of any lead generation effort is to fill the top of the marketing funnel with high-quality sales leads. And content can be the thing that turns a casual browser into a strong prospect.

The most common usage of content for lead generation is the so called “gated content”. This refers to a piece of high-value content for your target audience that sits behind a lead form. In order to access the content, one must submit their contact information. That information can then be used to follow up with them at a later time.

The keys here are the quality of the content and how you promote it. This kind of content has to add value, otherwise no one will submit their information to you. Solve a problem that people in this audience have. And then use social media and low-cost digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to that specific page of your site.

The second way you can use content to drive leads is through a more standard blog, or article writing strategy. When you continue to publish fresh new content in your space, you are attracting people to your website in order to view that content. Use intro or outro text to highlight your products and services. Use call to action buttons to send some of that traffic to your product pages.

The people who read your content regularly are great leads for your business. They just haven’t submitted their information yet. You have to ask for it, otherwise they never will.