Content is anything we create whether it be a conversation, a joke,  or web or social media content. Just as a good conversation can win you friends, a joke can get you laughter, and good web or social media content wins followers for your business.

Dont limit excellent engaging content to your website – add it to your social media channels too because this is where you will win influencers for your business.

What can great content get you?

Interaction and Engagement

When people read something, they respond to it. Whether it be anger, frustration, sympathy or even an “Hmmm” – it is an emotional response to something the person has just read or seen. It is vital that your content create a response from the consumers because that forms the corner stone of an engagement or conversion, if you may.

Once you have the readers attention, half the battle is won. The readers know you are in business to sell something, whether it be a product or service.All you have to do is to create an emotional response from your content consumers.

Don’t worry I don’t mean that you will have the reader in tears. An emotional response is merely a reaction from your readers that leads to the reader or your customer  engaging with you in some way.

The next challenge is to hand hold your readers to the next step where they will engage with you taking the conversation from a monologue to a dialogue. We have to utilise that attention and get them to respond to us. It maybe one of the following:

  • A query about your product/service?
  • A comment on your blog?
  • A comment on your content or pricing?
  • A recommendation on their own blog asking their readers to read your blog
  • A Tweet or a Facebook Share

Engagement with customers is in multiple forms and soft engagements like queries, questions, shares & likes are considered wins because that is the nature of the digital world that we live in.

Increased Brand Awareness

Digital Marketing helps you raise the awareness of your brand and your offering in the marketplace. If people are talking about your brand and products or service, you are winning something intangible but extremely important. It is important for people to remember you when they are ready to purchase what you have to offer.

A large company only had a 38% response rate on their Facebook page with an average response time of 1 day. As a result their Facebook Page only received 300 comments in a week. A small company by comparison replied to all reader comments within a couple of hours and generally replied to 75% of comments on its Facebook page – the result – they had 3800 comments in the same period on their website.

 Which company do you think will have a higher awareness of their brand among prospective customers?

Businesses Evangelists

The first time I heard this, I thought “What?” so you can be forgiven for having that reaction. However, as I delved deeper into understanding digital media and people, the answer was clear. After all I look at Tripadvisor for restaurant reviews because I trust other peoples opinions. I understand that I believe those opinions at my own expense but I do read them and use them to make informed decisions.

Hence, every business needs evangelists who can talk about your brand. If they are saying good things about your brand, be gracious and acknowledge their time and effort and thank them for it.

If they are saying bad things, don’t get angry, be polite and engage the customers to get to the root of the problem. Try and resolve the issue as soon as possible and make sure that you thank them for their time in helping you sort out an issue if a genuine problem is found. If the customer is just being irate for no reason, don’t get angry but still try and engage them in some way and try and find common ground where you can placate them.

If not, take the conversation off your public channels so it doesn’t show up on everyone’s social media feeds because while “There is no such thing as bad publicity” might have been true years ago, it is not true anymore because people are constantly bombarded with information 24 hours a day. We have become impatient and we cant stand brands that bad mouth their customers.

At the end of it, try and show, very publicly, that you handled things in a mature and grown up way and people will love you even more for that because everyone can make errors but it is how you handle them that wins you the business evangelists that you so desperately need.

Tips for great Content

  1. Write clearly defined pieces and make it easy for people to read it.
  2. Use formatting to highlight your point as people scan website well before they ever read them.
  3. Use relevant pictures (original if possible) to add to the content – it has been proven that image rich content engages customers more than just textual content.
  4. Use video if possible
  5. Place yourself in your readers shoes and try and understand their needs.
  6. Engage customers – maybe ask them questions that they have to answer – Encourage it.
  7. Be creative – remember whole recipes are published in 140 characters on Twitter so there is a way to do it.
  8. Be polite and don’t over-criticise others in your content
  9. Last but not least, Digital Marketing might be done through the internet but people are the ultimate consumers so normal societal rules still apply!