Whether you are just starting a new blog or website, or have been running one for a while, it’s important to consider the strategy behind the type of content that you wish to publish. One key type of content within the world of content marketing is referred to as ‘Evergreen Content’. This is created with the purpose of being interesting and relevant to your readers in the long term. ‘Newsjacking’ on the other hand is a form of content creation which is produced with the intention to ride high on the topical wave of a piece of news whilst drawing attention to your own content. It is therefore fairly short lived by comparison. Both approaches are valuable but it’s important to appreciate the distinct differences between them so that you can plan your content schedule accordingly.

Evergreen Content

To help define the characteristics of evergreen content, let’s think of it as a continuously providing and supportive spouse! Evergreen content is reliable and steady. It continues to provide for you (your business) over an extended period of time. Good evergreen content is able to do this because the topics that are covered are based around answers to questions that your public are continuously asking. They are therefore searchable and relatable on an ongoing basis, which attracts a steady stream of traffic to your site. (You can find out about a free tool that will help you create this kind of content here).

To give you an example, I recently wrote a blog called ‘An A-Z of Digital Marketing and P.R Blogs’ which I wrote with the intention of it being a valuable evergreen piece of content. It contains a brief outline of 26 Marketing and P.R topics and within each topic there is a link to a relevant blog on our site to provide further information. That’s 26 links to helpful industry blogs! It’s a piece of content that I hope readers will bookmark and share with colleagues as a reference document, therefore bringing traffic back to our blog on a repeat basis.

To help drive repeating traffic to evergreen blogs, you can rework the angle of your social posts and re-share them. In the instance of my A-Z blog, 26 different social posts could be written to drive to this one piece of content. These could be posted over an extended period of time to continue to drip feed traffic to this evergreen piece. Additionally, it contains a huge number of marketing and PR keywords that communication professionals frequently search for online which will aid its discoverability. These are some of the many benefits of evergreen pieces.


To continue my analogy, let’s think of this type of content as an exciting one-night stand. It’s great whilst it lasts but it’s short-lived. Much like a one-night stand it’s about making the most of opportunities!

For example, if something has exploded in the news and everyone is talking about it in the Twitter-sphere, then if you have an agile content team, you can create your own content that joins the conversation. Then to increase the exposure of your content, you can link to it using social posts with trending hashtags in the hope that the increased buzz around the topic will get your content picked up.

As you can imagine, there are some challenges in achieving a successful ‘newsjack’. It can take a bit of lateral thinking to link your business to a particular news story whilst not coming across as disingenuous. There will probably only be one or two opportune moments for sharing this type of content, so it can be a bit of a gamble as to whether it gains you significant site traffic. Additionally, once the newsworthy moment is over you’re left with yesterday’s news on your site.

The single life v marriage

Just as there are benefits to a good solid marriage, there are also benefits to a one-night fling. Both have their place! Your site will benefit from you including both these forms of content into your planner, but I’m not sure your marriage would!