Consistency is critical in tech content marketing

How is your current tech content marketing program doing? Are you losing leads and web page views? It’s probably because you don’t have a consistent tech content marketing message. Prospects instinctively say “No” and move on to your competitor’s website.

You’re so busy working on the rest of your tech marketing programs you have no time to fix it. You’re too busy meeting with product developers to learn about future product enhancements. And scrambling to find freelance resources to write your current marketing materials. There’s simply no time to worry about it.

How do leading tech companies solve this problem?

Here’s their secret: They rely on a comprehensive Tech Marketing Playbook that has everything they need.

A Tech Marketing Playbook is a 7+ page document with strong, benefit-driven marketing statements about their tech products. Statements they use as a starting point to create all the content marketing pieces connected to their products.

Don’t you want that too? Just think of it: a 7+ page document packed with dynamic content marketing messages about your tech product. That’s exactly what a Tech Marketing Playbook looks like. And it’s created uniquely for your tech business and your tech products.

Once you’ve developed one, you use it to create consistent tech content marketing pieces. Think about it: website pages, product descriptions, email campaigns and autoresponders, blog posts, and more with a consistent message about your tech products.

Marketing is built through consistency & repetition

If you want your marketing message to be consistent across all your tech content marketing channels, you need a Tech Marketing Playbook. It’s a more effective strategy for your tech content marketing than writing your materials on a just-in-time basis.

Just-in-time marketing materials never work, as your message is confused and inconsistent. You may think it’s “spontaneous”, and “tailored” for each content marketing campaign, but it’s not. Your content marketing programs will fade pretty quickly because prospects won’t remember any of your marketing messages! You’ll just be one of the faceless tech companies out there, instead of the market leader producing engaging content. You will have no chance to really connect with your prospects and jump to the top of their vendor shortlists.

Faceless content marketing = no connection

Prospects will have a hard time connecting your messages to your tech products because they never see the same thing twice. Each marketing piece you produce sounds and looks different, so how are they supposed to remember you and your brand?

Remember, marketing is built through consistency & reputation. This means your tech marketing messages have to be focused and fresh, and above all, consistent, so they can remember them!

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