To have a successful webinar, there is some work to put in prior to having a live webinar. So I’ve put together a checklist of what you say and what you should cover to make it an over the top success.

The big thing is your objective, what’s the desired purpose of inviting people on a live webinar? What value are you bringing to the table to enrich other people’s lives? What are you selling? What’s your message?

Your webinar needs to follow a strict set of proven guidelines in order to have all of the desired outcomes necessary to walk away with a satisfied audience as well as a bunch of new happy customers!

Let’s dive in and see what my webinar checklist is…

Here are my checklist points and flowchart for how to conduct a successful webinar. Keep in mind that your enthusiasm and personality are what keeps people on the webinar, not being drab and boring with nothing to talk about. Get excited! Get engaged Get making new customers! should be your #1 goal for having a webinar.

I’ll be explaining more on each point below, but wanted you to see how my checklist looks first.

1. The Welcome (pre: webinar)

2. The Introduction (host introduces live: you/partner introduce on evergreen)

3. The Hook and The BIG Promise (WIIFT)

4. Your Story (why are they listening to YOU?)

5. Social Proof: if you have some (does this work and can I do it?)

6.TheAgenda (what are you going to tell them during the webinar?)

7. Compelling Content (high: value actionable training)

8. Social Proof: if you have some(people like them are doing this already)

9. Your Amazing Offer (how can you make it even easier for them to do it?)

10. Q&A (alleviate skepticism and overcome fears)

11. Re Close during and after Q&A (how can they buy?)

12. Outtro (say your thanks and goodbyes)

Explained in Detail

The Welcome – (pre: webinar – 15 minutes before you start)

The webinar starts as soon as someone logs in. At this point it doesn’t matter when you start, the real point is making people they are the right place at the right time like you care, and you should!

The Introduction (1 – 2 mins)

Introduce yourself to your audience, tell your story, ask for introductions, and really what you are doing at this point is establishing your authority.

The Hook and The BIG Promise ( 3-5 mins)

Why are they here to listen to you for an hour? Why are they missing the latest episode of the walking dead, an NHL hockey game, or anything else?

This is where you announce the FREE bonuses at the end.

Your Story (2-3 mins)

Tell your story, as people want to get to know you and what you’re about. Tell them why you’re qualified to teach them how to make money and market. TIP: People buy from people they know, like and trust.

Social Proof (3-5 min)

People love seeing results, and carefully introducing a number of testimonials and people who have had success. “If they can do it, so can I.”

The Agenda (2-3 mins)

What are you going to cover and what is the agenda, and what will people do to “TAKE ACTION” after the webinar is done.

Compelling Content (35-60 mins)

Now you teach them EXACTLY what it is that you promised you would in your Big Promise.You REALLY want to deliver here with your best stuff!

More Social Proof

Another carefully orchestrated flow of success stories or case studies from people who have taken action using your product and seen results. Pictures and video are powerful to use on a live webinar.

Your Amazing Offer

This MUST be done with high, but not overdone, the level of energy, enthusiasm, and confidence. You also have to make sure you are transitioning from the last section of the presentation into the pitch the right way or it will seem like all you are there for is to sell them something.

The structure of the pitch is actually very important as it determines whether you make a bunch of sales or walk away with a big fat donut!

Q&A10 to 60 mins (varies depending on audience)

Live Webinar

And that’s pretty much it, but will emphasize that ask the questions that you have control of first, then ask the audience what their questions are. Meaning, ask the questions that most people would ask about your product to give them the reason to BUY NOW. Always address each person by name whenever you answer their questions.

Keep it brief and don’t go into long drawn out dissertations. Remember to remind your audience of your amazing offer, after every couple questions.

Ask a set of questions that would address the most common issues, then make sure the questions always lead to WHY THEY NEED YOUR PRODUCT. Remind your audience to take advantage of your offer every couple minutes.

11. Re: Close – 2 to 5 mins

Time to bring them back to the buying mindset. For a hosted webinar it’s best for the host to tell everyone they NEED to get over and buy your program (remember the authority factor).

For an evergreen webinar, YOU have to quickly reiterate the reasons to buy and get the
last sales.

12. Outtro – 1 to 2 mins

Time to wrap things up, thank everyone for attending and say your goodbyes!

The Finer Points

You MUST have presentation “personality” or you will lose your audience right from the start!

Slides MUST be professional but don’t have to be ridiculously overstated.

Live Over\The\Shoulder training can be very powerful during your content segment.

BE PREPARED! Practice makes better and better. NEVER “give away the farm.”

ALWAYS leave them wanting more. Or they won’t want to buy because they will think they
already have everything they need to do it themselves! Without giving it ALL away, make sure
your content is high quality and your audience can understand and take action on what you teach.

Don’t present “fluffy” content! Engagement is key! You want to sprinkle engagement with the
audience throughout your webinar presentation. This keeps them attentive and on task with you.

Good: ALWAYS have valuable bonuses you can announce in your initial communication
(email or auto webinar signup video/page) and re\announce during your Hook and Big Promise.

Better: Have that AND a “surprise” bonus you will only announce at the end of your CLOSE!

Best: Have those AND killer bonus(es) to “Stack The Cool” for buyers ONLY!

Even ‘Bester’ Than Best: Have those AND more valuable unannounced bonus(es) that they get
AFTER they buy.vBuilds HUGE trust factor AND get’s them closer to “Raving Fan” status!