YourCompetitionIsUsingContentMarketingBlogContent Marketing is a crucial tool for every business, especially the automotive industry. It not only spreads awareness of your dealership, but it can also help you establish trust with your potential customers by providing them with educational content that answers questions they may have about your vehicles. Using content marketing wisely will help you sell more cars so you can keep up with, and eventually surpass, the competition.

According to HubSpot, “Content marketing generates 3 times as many leads as traditional outbound marketing, but costs 62% less.”

The important thing to realize is that the times have changed. Old sales tactics aren’t as effective as they used to be because of the internet. Thanks to the internet, buyers are becoming smarter and more adept on knowing exactly what they’re buying, especially when it’s a major purchase like a new car. People today do a lot of research before they even think about stepping foot onto a dealership’s lot.

The best way to approach this new style of buying is by identifying their problem and showing them that you have the solution. You can do this through the use of content marketing. But in order to do this properly; you must establish trust. People will trust you if you are supplying them with valuable information that can help make their journey easier. That’s why you have to market educational content. Don’t be salesy, be helpful.

One of the most effective pieces of educational content are eBooks. These free digital guides will supply your website visitor with valuable information about your products. The best way to start with writing these eBooks is by talking to your sales team. Ask them about the most common questions or concerns your customers have when they come to your dealership. Address those issues with an informative guide, and offer these guides on your website for free.

The most effective tactics with offering these eBooks is with a landing page. If your visitor is interested, they’ll download this helpful guide, and all it costs is their name, phone number, and email address. When they download the eBook, you’ll gain a lead.

Content Marketing allows you to expand your reach, become a thought leader, and save money on your marketing strategy. It can help drive more traffic to your site, and in turn, drive more traffic to your dealership. By marketing your educational content wisely, you’ll generate numerous leads all looking to buy a car. That’s where you come in. The sales pitch doesn’t need to be long, because they already know what they’re getting, thanks to you and your educational eBook.

Stream’s Kick-Start Step:

Experiment with placing a buyer’s guide eBook on your most popular vehicle on your website with some money saving coupons. Once you generate leads, add them to an emailing list that lets them know of upcoming deals or automotive releases exclusive to your dealership.

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