interactive video b2b marketing

Interactive video is a term many B2B marketers are hearing for the first time. B2C and publishers have been using interactive videos for a long time in all kinds of different formats – from videos that branch or jump around based on your inputs (“Choose Your Own Adventure”-style experiences) to videos with hotspots that, when clicked, show you where to buy the shirt or shorts you just clicked on.

So what makes this content type so great for B2B? Video is already an incredibly powerful medium for communicating with and engaging B2B buyers, and interactivity enables B2B marketers to have a conversation with prospects while they’re watching a video.

Here are three reasons B2B marketers should start thinking about making their video content interactive.

1. Improved Completion Rates

Online video is an undeniably engaging medium – a study by Celtra found 47% of viewers watch a video to completion. But that’s still 53% of viewers dropping off before they’ve heard all you have to say – and Visible Measures found 33% of those drop-offs happen in the first 30 seconds.

What if you could take that drop-off point – a metric your video hosting provider will probably offer you – and add in an interactive element? Right as most of your viewers are about to click away, they’re presented with an engaging, interesting question, graphic, or stat that adds more value to their viewing experience.

That’s one reason interactive videos are found to have closer to a 90% completion rate, according to a Forrester report. That figure gels with the completion rates our own customer experience – in Q1 2015, SnapApp B2B customers averaged 80% completion rates on their interactive content.

2. More & Better Data

Another advantage of interactive video is it increases the marketer’s ability to collect information about their viewer.

Many video hosting platforms offer robust analytics and viewing data to help marketers understand what’s working with their video content and where they could improve. That metric on drop-off points, above, is just one example.

By layering an interactive experience like an assessment, quiz, or calculator on top of or alongside an existing video, marketers can learn more about who their buyers are, what they care about, or how they feel. All that data gets pulled into your marketing automation system to score, nurture, and build relationships with your audience – and it all started with an interactive video.

3. Amplify Existing Content

A third reason B2B marketers should care about interactive video is that it enables you to breathe new life into your existing video content.

We all know creating a marketing video often isn’t easy or cheap. By creating interactive versions of their existing videos, marketers are creating net new videos that offer unique outcomes and value for prospects. For example, a marketer could take a product overview video and turn it into an assessment: “Are You Ready For a [Product] Investment?” – or a calculator: “How Much Time/Money Could [Product] Save You?”.

Now the team has the original product overview video as well as an interactive assessment and calculator they can use at different stages in the buyer’s journey.

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This post originally appeared on the SnapApp blog and has been re-published with permission.