Oprah Winfrey is arguably one of the most successful TV personalities of her time, but early on in her career, she was fired from a job in television because a producer deemed her ‘unfit for TV’.

While Oprah eventually grabbed her lucky break by landing the hosting job on a certain talk show, she has also spent countless years developing a personal brand – an endeavour that has helped Winfrey raise her net worth to somewhere in the region of $3 billion.

If you’re a company director, you’ll be familiar with the process of building and managing a commercial brand, but have you ever stopped to think about your own?

I think the key to business success in the digital age is the ability to conduct your own form of content marketing, alongside that of the business. And the reason is simple; with platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest amassing hundreds of millions of monthly active users, there’s a huge audience waiting to be engaged and inspired – by you.

Here’s why you need to start building your personal brand:

You can dispense with ‘business speak’

If you work in an industry where acronyms are favoured over natural language, you’ll find the ability to use blogging and social networking to talk more freely about your role incredibly liberating.

Your personal brand belongs to no one but yourself, and the style of content marketing you employ is entirely up to you. Most importantly, it should demonstrate your true character and personality – so dispense with business speak and show the world what you’re all about.

You can tell the story of your role

Content marketing is all about telling stories. So, why not tell your own?

The part you play within the business may not make a summer blockbuster, but it will certainly be of interest to your target market and potential partners. By recording short video blogs, or writing regularly about your experiences, you’ll create the story of your place within the business – and people will almost certainly engage with it.

You’ll provide an invaluable insight into the business

People love ‘behind-the-scenes’ glances at businesses. That doesn’t mean you need to give away every secret, but it does give you the opportunity to quench the thirst of curiosity among your target customers by providing an insight into what’s really going on.

You can unleash your creative side

Did you know that 50 billion paper coffee cups are thrown away in the USA every year? I didn’t, and neither would I have appreciated just how concerning that is if the extent of such waste hadn’t been presented to me in an eye-popping infographic.

If you’ve got a creative side and love to design graphics, write or record video in your spare time, you can put those skills to use as part of your own personal content marketing strategy.

You might think your story is boring or of little interest to others, but if you can tell it in an exciting way they’ll soon sit up and take notice.

Wrapping up

No one likes faceless businesses, and if you can spend time building your own brand, you’ll elevate that of the company.

Start a blog; record a video; create an infographic. Start telling the story of you – today.

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