communication value conversionsAs you can imagine the phrase “equals money” plays a big role in our lives here at Content Equals Money. The big reveal of course is that “equals money” matters to our clients as well. Everybody wants to get paid and the bottom line is conversions.

So what does communication have to do with making conversions? A lot!

Here are just a couple ways that bad communication is providing no value and therefore losing your business conversions:

If your client doesn’t understand what it is you’re selling you are going to lose sales

This sounds simple enough but the truth is a lot of marketers miss this one. In addition to being helpful and timely and all that you have to be crystal clear. We’ve all missed the forest for the trees and we’ve all spent hours pouring over our site so we know it better than anywhere else.

If you would like a neutral third party (not your best friend or sibling who knows nothing about your industry) to check out how usable your site is check out

I can’t tell you how awesome this service is because you can specify things like programs they are familiar with, level of education and more. You ask questions and they provide a video feed of the person trying to find your answers. Brilliant!

There are also tons of great heat map services like Clicktale that can show you where people are going in your site, how far down the page they are scrolling and more. With this information you can usually determine whether clients understand what you are selling.

Forget about selling for a minute and give people exactly what they want!

Thanks to SEO you will find a ton of silly website pages that optimize for craptastic terms. It’s not the terms’ fault; it’s the site owner’s fault for having stupid content.

Allow me to illustrate:

We had some crazy bad weather here in Kentucky Wednesday and my dog Lily was shaking like a leaf. I was curious what this shaking meant and if there was anything I could do about it. I Googled “dog shaking from thunderstorm” to find my answer. The good news is I found a great solution and of course my pooch is fine. The bad news, I had to trudge through a bunch of worthless sites before I found the answer.

Thanks to Panda and all the other lovely things happening at Google worthless irrelevant pages are going to be put to shame…eventually. For now we still have to deal with them. I’d like to shift perspectives a bit and have you consider not what it is like to search for something but to be the site owner of one of those worthless pages.

First, you can identify these pages pretty easily with Google Analytics. If you see a bunch of traffic but a terrible time on site, chances are the person who found your page found it worthless. Combine this with a 100% bounce rate and I guarantee your page is not helpful. This means someone clicked through, briefly scanned and left. They did not pass go, they did not buy, they did not convert.Increase Business Conversions By Giving Clients What They Want

Sometimes you are being cutesy or sometimes it is just the wrong key term. If you had the cure for AIDS but optimized it for “dog shaking from thunderstorm” you will have a terrible bounce rate. Why? Because the person searching for that term is looking for something specific and you aren’t giving it to them.

Content = Money… but only the right type of content

Hopefully the two illustrations above make it pretty obvious that content equals money. With the right content, at the right time, in front of the right people means heavy business conversions.

So the next time you purchase content from one of our competitors be sure to ask them to do more than optimize for a specific keyword and fill a word count. If your content provider isn’t asking questions about you, your voice and your ideal client then you know you are throwing your money away. You’ve been warned.