Sign up now to receive email updates about new content added daily!” We’re all familiar with that phrase that we subconsciously un-check when making an online purchase, or that pop-up box that requires you to enter your email address before you can continue viewing content on a website. This new-age call-to-action that has swept this consumerist world is not only abrasive, but also, for a lack of words, annoying. It’s one that has caused most of us to create that “junk email address”. You know, the one that sits ands collects those promotional emails, coupons we won’t use, and news about the exciting new product or service we don’t need. The same email account that has collected over 50 emails in the time it has taken me to write this article.

As a college student, and part of the younger generation, I can say that we Millennials have a tough time committing to, well, just about anything. Relationships, responsibilities, and exercise- just to name a few. So naturally, when it comes to something like a company’s call-to-action, many of us avoid the opportunity to give our email address out because sorting through that junk email is a daunting task. Rarely ever do we read these emails, and if we wanted to know about a new sale, or if a blog has new content, we would rather take the time to check for ourselves.

Now, I’m not saying to completely eliminate every call-to-action you may have. Just the one’s that rub your visitors the wrong way. Instead, allow your audience to get a taste of what you’re all about before making them commit to your blog or brand. Most of us wouldn’t typically get hitched after the first date – we would want to get to know the other person beside what their favorite color might be, or what they like to do for fun. You would want to know so much more before making such a commitment.

If visitors like what they see and enjoy your website, they will most likely want to commit to what you’re putting out there, and want that update sent to us. However, if you force us into committing to your site or your company, we can usually find a different site or a different company to fulfill our needs. I think this is especially true when it comes to a younger audience.

Giving your audience the freedom of commitment will not only make the relationship with your audience greater, but it also gives you an audience who genuinely cares about what you’re putting out there. Trust me, our junk email accounts will thank you for it as well.