bikini marketing content

Knowing what people want is a fine art, and one usually reserved for moms who can differentiate between an “I’m hurt” cry and an “I’m crying to get attention” cry. For Bikini Marketers, however, it’s a necessary talent.

Learning to read your follower’s response to certain types of content is a great way to gauge what they’re looking for from your blog. Check out four of the most popular types of content.

In case you haven’t caught on to our recent theme, we’re in love with visual content here at Bikini Marketing. It’s quick, simple and infinitely more attractive than blocks of text.

And it’s not just us. Web users are all about visual content, too.

  • Users upload 45 million photos to Instagram every day
  • Pinterest gained 20 million users since February 2013
  • YouTube receives 100 hours of video every minute

If you’re still hesitant about branching out from traditional sources of content, start small. Create a Pinterest account for your company or post pics from around the office on your Instagram account. If you’re feeling brave, try one of these 10 online tools to create attention-grabbing images.

We all have those days when we’re one typo away from ditching the day-to-day grind and becoming a crazy cat lady. Or man. No discrimination.

When I feel myself starting to fade, I like to look for inspirational photos, quotes or videos. Finding a gold mine like “100 ways to avoid work burnout” can occupy me for longer than I care to admit, but it immediately gets my creativity going again.

You can add similar content by including interviews or round-ups of the best advice from successful leaders in your industry. Another option is to share inspiring photos or videos.

One of the main reasons people get online is to search for information. Providing your readers with what they need to know is good, but doing it better than your competition is great.

Rather than traditional informational articles that could double as a sleeping pill, create simple how-to posts or, better yet, an infographic. (I wasn’t kidding about visual content. It’s bigger than The Rachel.)

Finally, one of the biggest trends in content marketing is writing short. Forget about meeting a word quota. Write enough to give your readers all of the information and be done. Don’t waste their time (or yours) with pointless paragraphs or abstract anecdotes.

This is especially important for mobile sites. Most smartphone users are on their phones to find information quickly. If they have to skim through 500 words to find the one bit of information they need, they’re going to ditch your site for another one.