Think of your company’s content as a painting. There are an infinite number of components that are necessary for creating the perfect image you want to portray. Every word and phrase associated with your company is a part of this gigantic mural. While it’s impossible to try to analyze every single element that’s a part of the painting that is your business, we can at least try to make sure you have the appropriate colors and brushes with which to paint!

You’ve probably considered content writers in the past for your blog posts and static site content. Need something timely about the Olympic closing ceremonies? Call the content writers. Does that “About Us” page need a facelift? Get the content writers on it. However, we’d like you to know that content writers can do a lot more than blog posts and static pages! Here’s a shortlist of how content writers can help you paint that perfect image—and ultimately assist with increasing your site’s conversion rate.

Social Media Blurbs

You might be thinking, “A tweet is just 140 characters. What’s the big deal?” Well, the fact that a tweet is only 140 characters makes it a huge deal. Writing the perfect tweet is a deceptively difficult task. You have to compress your message, and make it compelling enough that your reader will want to click through to a link where the real content is.

A well-phrased and well-timed tweet can be a powerful element in your sales cycle when it encourages click-through. You might think of your Twitter-followers as content-subscribers with a low-level of commitment. Because your followers might not be totally on board with you, you don’t want to overfeed them and drive them away. It’s crucial that your tweets be direct, well timed, and—most importantly—relevant. Tweeting for business is an art. Learn it; or hire content writers who understand it!

Of course, Twitter isn’t the only social media platform you might need content writers for—Facebook and Google+ have their own set of unofficial rules, too. I’m just focusing on Twitter as an example because of its predominance in business.


Now, on the other end of that length spectrum is the daunting guide. I’m currently working on my second major guide for CEM. It requires a lot of research on… well, guides. I’m reading through guides in all ten of the major industries that we serve. And, as you might imagine, I’m finding that some are extremely well written. They’re informative, polished, and professional. And then, there are others that miss the mark. You can tell when an intern—or someone who wasn’t holding a full deck of cards upon receiving the assignment—has assembled a guide.

The stark difference between professional and amateur guides is not to be overlooked. Publishing an aesthetically unappealing guide with sloppy writing and few resources can do your company a lot more harm than good. In order to produce something that sparkles with top-shelf professionalism, it’s almost certain you’ll need experienced content writers.

Email Marketing

For many businesses (especially B2B companies), email marketing is quite alive and thriving. Depending upon the sophistication and developmental stage of your business, you might be using a dozen different email marketing paths with various leads. Keeping your voice consistent— while writing to the same target profile throughout each one of these paths—can be a difficult challenge. You want to make sure you’re using the appropriate language with each one of your leads, but you also want to keep the goal of increasing your site’s conversion rate at the forefront of your mind.

Things can get messy in no time if you aren’t careful. Keeping all of this information straight— while delivering a terrific plan—requires content writers who know their stuff. If you want to read more on email marketing for yourself, Eloqua has some informative, free resources that can help. However, your most cost-effective bet might be leaving this grunt work to the pros, so you can focus on your business at hand.

Press Releases

Lastly, the oft-overlooked press release is another component that you must have to complete the mural of your written content. Your business is doing things. Why aren’t you spending a little bit of money (or time) telling the world about it? Even if there aren’t many people waiting around on your press releases with bated breath, simply distributing releases through major sites, like PRWeb, can go a long way in boosting your online presence, which will ultimately help you with increasing your site’s conversion rate. A good content writer will know the standard press release guidelines, ensuring that your press releases get accepted the first time, every time.

Can I Do This Myself?

Thinking you might give this whole writing thing a try yourself? Go for it! If you have a good grip on language, grammar, and tone—among other things—then it’s quite possible that you might write your own content successfully. Make sure you’re up to the challenge with these 37 resources and tools. There’s a big learning curve, so don’t be discouraged if things get off to a slow or rough start. However, if you want to skip through that painful process, there’s nothing like hiring content writers of your own!

What do you think is the biggest challenge about writing your own content? What types of pieces give you the most trouble?