Creating a general content marketing strategy is ground zero for your online marketing efforts.

However, a general strategy is not going to be enough to help you expand your reach into specific markets. You need to focus specifically on a global content marketing strategy if you want your brand exposure to cross international boundaries.

The more countries that your marketing strategy reaches, the more exposure you will get for your brand and the more successful your future advertising efforts will be. You’ll also attract more brand ambassadors, who will spread the word about your products and services far and wide.

Since a global strategy is so much larger, it comes with a lot more challenges. Here are some of the most common challenges cited by brands who have taken on marketing campaigns intended to cross borders:

Creating a Comprehensive Strategy

Many brands already market to different countries, but they tend to focus on individual countries rather than a global strategy.

Therefore, they have multiple campaigns running, and each is operating independently. Each campaign is tailored to the specific country in question. However, those campaigns are not operating in conjunction with one another. They might as well be for different brands – they are so different and have absolutely nothing to do with one another.

It is important that you create a unified strategy that takes into account how all of these campaigns inform each other and can work together. The more countries you are targeting, the more challenging that is going to be.

Implementing Strategy

Creating a strategy is one thing – actually implementing it is another.

You may know what you need to do to reach your goals, and you may have a detailed strategy outlining each step. But that strategy may be more of a wish list rather than a realistic plan for what you can do.

Many brands struggle with having the manpower, time or resources to implement their full strategy. Some marketing teams simply struggle to convince senior management to sign off on the plan or to give them the full budget they need. Others struggle to get employees to buy in and actually follow the plan on social media, blogs and other spaces.

When you create your global strategy, you will need to create multiple backup options in case you run into any of these challenges. You will also need to provide plenty of hard data to convince management to sign up, and you will need to have incentives to get employees to do their part.

Getting Enough People

You need a lot of people to implement any content marketing strategy – from the writers to editors to money men to SEO gurus.

You need to not only find the right people to implement the strategy, but you also need to get the budget to pay for them all. Then you need to get a support team that includes IT, customer service, research, sales, and human resources.

Bringing together all these people can prove to be a major challenge for many brands.

Establishing a Process

Process is closely related to the issue of having the right people on your team.

To implement a global content strategy, you need to have a clearly defined process in place, and that includes having the right people and the right technology.

To establish a process, you must have buy in from all parties, and you have to have the technology and infrastructure for it. You’ll then need to train all parties involved on how to complete their portion.

Depending on how detailed your process needs to be, this step can be quite resource-intensive.

Getting the Right Technology

There are so many tools available for content marketing, including software, apps, widgets and more.

You can get tools to publish your content, tools to distribute it across platforms, tools to promote it, and much more.

You need to evaluate all the technology available to you and determine which will help you meet your goals the fastest and with the least amount of resources. Look at reviews to see what kind of results the tools have gotten for other customers, and carefully evaluate how the tool will help you reach goals across global markets.

You may need to engage in a certain amount of trial and error before you find the right tools, but once you do, your marketing efforts should be a lot easier. You should start reaching goals without putting in as much time or money.

Creating a global content strategy isn’t going to be easy, but it will have a substantial payoff if you are successful. You’ll become a global brand, and that comes with power and prestige.

Any brand can become global with time and persistence. You don’t need to be a huge conglomerate – even small entrepreneurs can find success on a global scale with the right marketing strategy.