At Magnet Media, we’re fortunate to work with some of the world’s biggest brands to tell stories of all sizes and varieties. We recently partnered with Comcast to create a video series that highlighted the story of an Illinois school district that revolutionized its curriculum through Comcast’s Business Class service.

Comcast Business Class services made it possible for District 214, a township high school district in northern Illinois, to revolutionize its curriculum with technology. With virtualized servers connected by Comcast Metro Ethernet, District 214 cut hundreds of thousands in hardware and energy costs, and became a nationally recognized leader in digital education with innovative classes and Web 2.0 tools for students.

Building on the success of a Magnet-produced customer video telling the story of the Fresno Grizzlies minor league baseball team, Comcast wanted a bigger production that covered multiple locations in the school district with a series of five videos.

Magnet visited several of District 214’s schools to film how the technology was being used every day in the classroom, computer labs, and administrative offices. The team also interviewed several key administrators, teachers, and students to learn about the various programs and achievements that were possible with Comcast Business Class. The videos focused on the inspiring success stories around the district and how the students are ultimately the ones who benefit the most.

The District 214 videos are the second in a series of customer story videos for Comcast, which Comcast has been very pleased with. Comcast has expressed interest in working with Magnet again to tell future stories about how its services can impact businesses.

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