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When recruiting your content marketing team, hiring a journalist can improve your content marketing and make all the difference. During the last ten years, a growing number of journalists, reporters and writers from the industry have been switching from media publications to writing branded content for magazines, blogs, and websites.

The trend in shift of writers and journalists from mainstream media publications to content marketing has been partly shaped by the volatile economy and its effects on mainstream media. It is worth noting here that the mainstream media employment has decreased by 30 percent during the last fifteen years, forcing a great number of skilled and experienced journalists to seek careers in content marketing.

A Journalist Can Be An Asset To Your Company

The shift of journalists to content marketing has opened a window of opportunity for the content marketing industry. A journalist can be a great asset to your organization, particularly your content marketing efforts, because they know how to explore the hidden perspectives on a particular subject.

Journalists and reporters know the crux to develop great questions and they have access to information on trusted, reliable and high-quality sources. And they know exactly how to shape information into precious, rich, and audience-concentrated pieces.

Another reason why you should put a journalist on your team is that they are well versed in conducting authentic research and interviews, two pillars of high-value content, such as white papers and thought leader articles and blogs.

Content marketing can be a great career for journalist too because 88 percent of B2B marketers presently use content marketing as part of their marketing strategy. The number is increasing, as more companies understand the value of content marketing.

A Journalist Can Give Your Content New Angle

Even though keywords can help bring traffic to your website and blog, you need unique content to retain your audience. Content stuffed with keywords does more harm than good to your standing. To retain and entertain your audience, you need to come up with something unusual, unique and astonishing. That does not come without giving your content new perspectives. This is where journalists come in. They know exactly how to give your content a rare, uncommon angle. They are highly experienced in it and they know the processes to come up with such content.

Journalists Give Your Content Integrity

Remember, ranking on Google is just about putting words together. It is about research, facts, statistics, and credibility. A journalist is highly experienced and skilled in extracting and analyzing data from reliable sources, and studies. Their experience in the mainstream media, and their education, has armed journalists with skills in finding credible sources. In short, a journalist will enhance the integrity, reliability and credibility of your content. Readers will love your content.

So, when you are hiring your team, make sure to find a journalist to help you with your content marketing efforts. Don’t limit yourself to keywords and phrases and expensive tools, instead hire a journalist who knows how to tell your brand story in unique and compelling ways.