Read about the surprising response rate results (good and bad) from adding a video to a business website.  Even Google didn’t see this coming.

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Is there a sure-fire way to increase the response rate on your website?

Heck, who wouldn’t want to see a doubling in the amount of leads, calls, emails, sales, or opt-ins… without having to get more traffic to your website?

But how?

It has been said that adding video to your site is guaranteed to improve response rates on your website, leading to more leads, sales and customers.

But, is it?

Well, like so much in life… it depends on the situation.

Situation Where Video Can Help Increase Website Response Rates

1. Personalizing your company– It has been rightly said that, all things being equal, people like doing business with other people… not a faceless company.

This is especially true if you run a small to medium sized business. Whether you are a consultant or a plumber, you would do well to provide an opportunity for prospects to get to know you.

Humanize your business.

And no, I am not talking about saying the same old “we are a family-owned business, serving the XYZ area since 1942.” Instead, tell them who you are, what your values are (leave out the clichés), what you do for fun.

People will choose you more often if they like you… and your values.

A video is perfect because you can connect with website visitors in ways you can’t in print.

2. Social proof. Response rates almost always go up if you use credibility boosting testimonies from your satisfied clients.

However, in the light of some unscrupulous types making them up (easy to do in print), to have a few happy clients offer brief comments about what it was like working with you offers undeniable credibility.

Just make sure the people in the video are enthusiastic. There’s nothing worse than someone saying in a deadpan voice, “what a great experience it was…”

3. Visual explanation. Sometimes words are limited in what they can convey. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then is a video is worth, what? 5,000 words? 10,000?

Use a video to show exactly how something works… or how pieces are interrelated. It helps the visitor “get it” more quickly and in higher numbers.

Caution! There is a surprising dark side. There are documented instances where a video can actually hurt your website response rate.


Video can do wonders for your website’s response rate… but there are times it can actually reduce leads and sales.

RETWEET THIS:  A well done video almost always provides a response boost (leads, sales) to your website.  Just beware of the exceptions.

Situation When Videos Lower Your Response Rates

The times when a video on your site will actually lower the response rate on your website aren’t necessarily what you might think… poorly done, cheesy content, etc.

  • It can be a high quality, professionally done video… and still lower response rates
  • It can be visually and skillfully explaining a product or service… and still lower response rates.

Case in point: Google created a high quality video, quite well done, that explained one of their services.

It bombed.

Watch the video below to learn why. Special thanks to

Here’s the moral of the story: Even “best practices” need to be tested.

A word to the wise: don’t just throw the latest tactic on your website and assume it will improve your response rates.

If you do want to try something on your site, please, please, please measure and evaluate results. If you don’t know how, find a professional marketing company (like 2nd Mile Marketing) that can do it for you.

Otherwise, you will be like the website owner that said, “50% of my website is performing well… I just don’t know which 50%”

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