Busted! Top 3 Myths About Working With a Content Marketing Agency

“There just isn’t enough time to get it all done!”

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this cry from my fellow marketers. As their teams’ workloads become heavier and heavier — and as budgets force them to do more with less — they feel powerless to start doing the things that can take their content marketing programs to the next level.

If your team has more items on their task list than hours in the day to do them, it might be time to call in a content marketing agency. As you ask around, you might run into some common myths about working with outside resources, and today, we’re BUSTING three of the biggies.

Myth #1: “They won’t ‘get’ our business”

Some marketers doubt whether an outside party can understand their companies and their audiences to a point where they can create engaging impactful content.

It’s a myth we often have to address here at Resonance, and after more than four years in business, I can tell you this: We’ve worked with clients of all shapes, sizes, and types, and each one has been pleasantly surprised with our ability to understand their needs and to speak in their voices.

Keep In Mind …

  • Ask potential partners about their “onboarding” process. Make sure they have a process in place by which they gain a deep understanding of your industry, your company, and your audience.
  • Keep in mind that the first couple of months with a new agency are a time for learning and adjustment. Review carefully all the drafts they send you, and don’t be shy about asking for revisions to ensure that the content represents your brand accurately.

Myth #2: “We’ll lose all control over our content marketing program.”

This is a common fear that prevents many marketers from picking up the phone. But a good agency understands their purpose: to act as a strategic advisor and take care of the day-to-day “heavy lifting,” while you remain firmly in the driver’s seat.

Keep In Mind …

  • Ask potential partners about their review process, and make sure you will have the chance to review any content before it gets published — including social media posts.
  • Request references from your potential partners, and when you call them, be sure to ask about how the agency ensures that the clients remains in control.

Myth #3: “Agencies are expensive.”

Agencies are “expensive” in the same way that mechanics are “expensive.”

If my car is having an issue, sure, I could learn how to fix it (probably from a YouTube video that may or may not be reliable), go buy the tools and take more time learning how to use them, and struggle through a task that’s totally outside my comfort zone … while running the risk of messing things up even worse and ending up having to call a tow truck. Or I can save a huge amount of time and frustration and just call the professional to begin with.

Content marketing is what these agencies do — all day, every day. They work efficiently and they’re up to date on the latest trends. They have the tools and they know how to use them. They can probably to do in one hour what might take you three. Still sound “expensive?”

Keep In Mind …

  • As you review pricing for potential partners, make sure you understand exactly what is included, and consider how much time it would take your team to do the same things on a consistent basis.
  • Speaking of consistency, remember that most marketing teams experience peaks and valleys in their workloads. Something that you can easily handle today might be impossible during trade show season or a product launch. Consistency is one of those values that’s built in to the client-agency relationship: they will continue to deliver regardless of what else is going on in your company.

OK, your turn — which myths have you encountered when it comes to working with content marketing agencies? Please share them in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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