contentmarketingagencyA lot of businesses we talk to share a similar predicament – they are the type of product or service that’s often “behind the scenes” and not widely known unless you’re in that industry. In fact, one of the things that we love most as a content marketing agency is learning about new industries and different types of businesses that we may not have known even existed.

We don’t believe that anyone should be lost behind the scenes. When you go to a movie, the lead cast gets all of the kudos and attention, right?  But what about the long list of credits, filled with hundreds of other names, that rolls while everyone exists the theater?  Those are the people that make it all happen.  From the script writers and production staff to set designers and makeup artists, it takes a team of professionals to bring the show to life.

What do we mean by “behind the scenes” companies?  Here are a few examples.

Niche Technology Companies

You’ve likely been to a conference where you get a nametag on a lanyard when you check in, right?  Well, did you know that handy dandy nametag not only serves as your identification for the event, but as a registration record and source of lead management for the sponsoring organization and its vendors? We worked with a company who, quite literally, worked behind the scenes through technology, helping organizations track, monitor and organize event registrants for conferences.

The challenge was that they were so focused on being behind the scenes, they weren’t telling their story to the world.  We helped them develop a content marketing strategy including a new website, quality content and an inbound marketing plan that led to dramatically increased website traffic, qualified leads, and a better overall online presence.  Now they are at the forefront and a leading voice in their industry.

Specialized Manufacturing Companies

Here’s another scenario.  You go to a restaurant, food truck or deli, and order a sandwich. It comes stylishly wrapped in custom printed logo paper so you, and anyone else around you, knows exactly where your food came from. You probably never really thought much about it before. Well, that restaurant, or their marketing team, sourced a specialty paper converting company to create that custom printed butcher paper.

Our client, Oren International, is a paper converting company that specializes in such things.  What does a paper converting company do?  Well, we weren’t sure either a few years ago, until we dug in to reveal their unique story and continually help share it with the world through content. Now this truly “behind the scenes” paper manufacturing company shines though content that shares their creative ideas, full range of services and fun personality.

Feeling stuck behind the scenes?  Here are a simple few ways to take your business to the forefront through content marketing.

Don’t be Shy

We think that less mainstream business services have a tremendous opportunity to talk about how they help other businesses and educate people in a way that likely few in their space do. Break the mold in your industry and realize you have an interesting story to tell. 

Know thy Audience

Do you even know who’s in your audience?  Don’t create engaging content for a room full of strangers, or even worse, an empty theater.  Develop buyer personas that identify who your ideal customer is, what they need and how you make their lives or jobs better.

Stick to the Script

While ad-libbing can create some very entertaining results, it’s usually wise to stick to the script. And by that, we mean a content marketing plan.  If you improvise, people might still stick around to hear the last joke, but you also might lose people along the way.  Creating a plan and purpose for your content is the only way to get a standing ovation and have them coming back for more.

If you want to learn even more about connecting with your audience front and center, watch our recent webinar “No Business is Boring!  How to Create Content for Unglamorous Industries.”