Content marketing success comes down to one thing: consistently developing amazing content. Easy to say, harder to achieve.

While a content marketing strategy is a necessary component of creating effective content, high-level strategies don’t always help when it comes to making in-the-moment marketing decisions. Worse, over time most marketers stray from their original strategy. The result is often content marketing that drives an inconsistent, unpredictable response.

So how do we consistently create great content that attracts and engages the audience? In my experience, the key is distilling the core of the marketing strategy into a precise, easily applied mission statement.

Creating a great content strategy mission statement
According to this great piece from Joe Pulizzi at the Content Marketing Institute, a good content strategy mission statement defines three core areas:

  1. The core audience target.
  2. What will be delivered to that audience.
  3. The outcome for the audience.

I love this structure as it’s easy to remember and follow. Let’s look at an example—my content strategy mission statement for my company blog.

First, we define the three core areas. My core target audience for this blog is fellow marketers. My goal is to deliver useful information, insights and resources to help inspire great content marketing. As a result of the content that I deliver, I hope that my audience is able to build better-quality content to support their marketing efforts.

This can be distilled to a single sentence: The Vellum Marketing blog provides practical support, advice and inspiration to help fellow marketing professionals create great content marketing. This has become my touchstone—a “true North” that helps provide direction and focus for each new piece of content.

Your content strategy mission statement in action
Once you have defined those three core areas and created a good content strategy mission statement, what comes next?

  • Communicate across your organization. A content strategy mission isn’t just for marketers. Everyone in your organization involved with content development or its use should understand what you’re developing and why.
  • Review your content. Take a look at your efforts to date and evaluate: where has your content been hitting the market, and where has your aim been off? A clear mission statement helps put effort and results in their proper context.
  • Test your ideas. For each new piece of content, evaluate: does this idea deliver and provide the desired outcomes for your target audience? By testing your ideas against the “true North” as written in your content strategy mission statement, you can save time, money and effort by keeping your efforts targeted on the most appropriate areas.

Let’s be honest: we’re all busy. High-level strategies are great, but they be a lot to absorb and difficult to apply to nuts-and-bolts level content. By creating a succinct content marketing mission, you can quickly evaluate what content will best meet your goals and keep your efforts focused on the most effective ideas.